A-Star Recorder
Durable and easy to play and simple to maintain any instrument from the A-Star Recorder range is perfect for the budding musician in your life.

Back to Basics

Perfect for beginners this A-Star recorder is just the thing for home use or in a school environment. Low in price and with a cleaning rod and bag included, you've everything your child could need to start making noise sweet music.
  • Three Piece Construction
  • Durable ABS resin
  • Baroque Finger System
  • Includes 1x Cleaning Rod
  • Includes 1x Protective Bag
A-Star Recorder

All the Colours of the Wind

But Beige isn't for everyone! Some people just need a little more variety in their life. In all truthfulness these colourful A-Star Recorders are virtually the same as their somewhat more dull beige counter-part. The big difference? THEY'RE COLOURFUL - but still the same price - ergo they are better. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to play a Blue-Purple-Red Recorder?

If you feel the need to be a little fancy may we direct you towards the Yellow variety of recorder? For just 11p more your young one will be the envy of their class with a slightly fancier bag. Obviously, you could always go all out and consider getting one of the highly padded TGI bags.

A-star recorders

Keeping it Classic

Have you fond memories of your own childhood music making? Hoping to relive it through your own children? Or maybe you have multiple children, who will argue over the smallest thing, making uniform consistency an essential? Good job you can still get the old Brown and White Classic. Manufactured from high-quality ABS resin, this A-Star Recorder is built to withstand knocks and scratches. It also comes with a sturdier bag than the other A-Star models available. Ideal for the more destructive child.A-Star Recorder