Although traditionally speaking Tambourines would always have a head, these days you can get a range, such as headless and half moon models... You can even find Star Shaped models. On top of this you can also get a wide array of colours. This range of shapes, colours and finishes make these A-Star Tambourine an engaging instrument for percussionist of any age or ability. Perfect for class or group teaching our A-Star Tambourines are robustly built and able to take on the challenges of the classroom. Each is finished to a high standard, producing a bright, carrying sound. They offer the perfect balance of quality and value for money.


a-star-tambourinesThe Traditional Tambourine

6", 8" and 10" available

Made of robust wood

Between 4-6 pairs of Zills, bright in pitch

Riveted Natural Skin head creates a traditional sound

FOR THE CLASSROOM - 8" x10 £44.99 - SAVE £9.01


The Headless Tambourine

6", 8" and 10" available

Made of robust wood, easy to grip

Between 4-6 pairs of Zills

Produces a loud, bright sound

FOR THE CLASSROOM - 8" Headless x10 £59.99 - SAVE £19.69


a-star-tambourinesThe Half Moon Tambourine

Available in Black, Blue, Red, White and Yellow

Made of smooth, robust plastic

Easy grip handle

8 pairs of Zills, bright in pitch

FOR THE CLASSROOM - Assorted Colours x10 £47.99 - SAVE £17.01


Something Different

The A-Star Early Years Tambourine is the perfect instrument for children's groups as it was designed with the younger musician in mind.

In the style of the larger half moon tambourines mentioned above this model is built from strong moulded plastic and 4 metal jingles and is available in Red and Black. This self contained A-Star Tambourine is the perfect instrument for younger players, and can be a great start in learning the basics in music. Perfect for musical sensory groups, the 8" A-Star Reflective Tambourine is a great way of encouraging all to get involved with music. learn

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*Prices and packs correct as of March 2020