A-Star Tambourines | The Full Range

So, you're here about the tambourines. Let us first confirm exactly what they are:

According to Google - aka our soon to be digital Overlord - the tambourine is: noun - a percussion instrument resembling a shallow drum with metal discs in slots around the edge, played by being shaken or hit with the hand.

From this, we can further sub-divide the tambourines. For the purpose of this post, we shall look at the following four categories:
  • Open (Headless)
  • Covered
  • Half Moon
  • Early Years

Wide Open

Officially know as the Headless Tambourines, this breed of percussion is a (usually wooden) circle with a thumb hole and one or two rows of zills around the edge. These are great for creating a really 'pure' tambourine sound. Also, it's a simple construction = less to go wrong. Our AP321 range of A-Star Tambourines offer a sturdy hop and bright sound. The size of these varies from 6" - 10". This means there is a perfect tambourine for every size of hand. Also, the bigger you go, the bigger the potential sound with these models with the addition of 1 pair of zills for every 2".

You've got your head around headless tambourines? Well, stick that head back on and you and I are in the same place. Generally, for the tambourines with a head (hereon known simply as the 'tambourine') you can use the same definition as the headless tambourine. Just add the skin on top et voilà. While very similar to the headless tambourine, the addition of this skin opens up a world of percussive playing options that can be accessed by all ages. Why not try it for yourself? Check out the AP331 range for a plethora of choices.


"Full Moon - HALF MOON - Total Eclipse"


By far the most colourful range out there, the A-Star Half Moon Tambourines come in brightly coloured plastic that is hard wearing and comfortable to hold. To help you visualise one of these, simply take one of the headless variety, mentally paint it in a bright colour and chop it in half. It's not perfect, but pretty close. For added volume, this range has 16 bright, jingle sounding zills around the edge.

Small Hand Specials

Our range of early years tambourines are perfect for the smaller hands of young children. They are robust, bright and sound far higher in quality than the price may mislead you to believe.