While - obviously - very popular at Christmas time, Wrist Bells are a great addition to any percussion kit all year round. Super easy to use, these bells are perfect for kinaesthetic learning: make music while you dance! wrist-bells-review

Small in diameter, the A-Star bells are perfect for early years to start making music. The velcro fastenings make them easy to take on and off and ensure a perfect fit every time. For those with bigger wrists - or who want more control over the sound they produce - you can also play them wrapped around your fingers.


wrist-bellsPair of Wrist Bells

4 x 2.5cm bells per strap

Adjustable diameter of 5-7cm

Comfortable Velcro fastening

Available in Red, Blue and Green



Pack wrist-bells-packof Wrist Bells

Bells as above

10 x pairs per pack, supplied in a storage tub

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple Straps included

Perfect for percussion groups and classrooms

£27.00 - SAVE £2.90 + FREE CONTAINER


Looking for something else? No problem!

We can create bespoke packs, perfect for any sized class.
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*Prices correct as of March 2020