beginner guitar
So for those of you daring enough to go straight in at the deep end with a steel string, or maybe you want to rekindle those tunes you used to play. Here are some of our best picks that will give you a great base without having to empty your piggy bank!

Rocket XF202AN XF Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

A great all round package, coming with case, strap and capo so you can hit the ground running! Lightweight yet robust and sturdy the XF Dreadnought gives a full bodied tone and is constructed from sustainably sourced wood. The little additions of a scratch plate and 2 strap buttons makes sure you need no added extras for the full package.

electro-acoustic-guitar3rd Avenue Cutaway Electro Acoustic – Pack

The 3rd Avenue Electro Acoustic is probably the best value guitar of its kind on the market at the moment. With the luxury of being able to plug in your guitar, tweak the tone with on-board EQ and an in built tuner! The smart cutaway design gives it a unique shape, and they come in black and natural finishes. Complete with a bundle of accessories; bag, straps, strings and picks. If you want an Electro Acoustic but on a budget, be sure to check out the 3rd Avenue.

brown-sunburst-guitarStagg Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar

A slightly bigger bodied guitar with a good tone and projection. The Stagg SA20 range comes with a reasonable price tag and a household brand name as well. The dreadnought shape body is more suitable for the older player rather than young beginners due to its larger body size. The variety and quality in colour finishes means you’ve got a big enough decision on your hands!

YAMAHA F310Yamaha F310

An iconic acoustic guitar in the beginners market, the F310 has all the characteristics you’d expect of a Yamaha quality product. The slightly reduced body depth makes it easier for the beginner to get to grips with and the good action is the same as you see through the whole Yamaha range. The chrome tuners are top quality for a beginners guitar so once in tune, it stays! In a Natural or Tobacco Sunburst finish, it looks and sounds the part.

TAKAMINE G10Takamine G10 Acoustic Guitar

Takamine are a household name in the acoustic guitar world and the G10 lives up to that expectation. If you are looking for something special for the beginner, then look no further. At great value the G10 sits with many other guitars above its price tag. The scaled down Jumbo body shape means you’ll get great depth of tone without having an awkward body shape.