Can you imagine life without Brass Instruments? No Baritones, Euphoniums & Tubas? No Brass Bands... or Wagner!

No… me neither. Because what would the String and Woodwind sections whinge about!!

Well don’t panic. The Brass is going nowhere! Baritones, Euphoniums & Tubas are here to stay. Therefore forever!

Secondary Schools

Education is key to nurturing and enthusing students in musical performance. Over many years, Head Teachers, Ofsted, and Music department staff have observed the academic, social, musical and community importance that Musical Performances in schools can deliver. This must continue.

In this article I will introduce you to the recommended range and brands of Baritones, Euphoniums & Tubas available here at Normans Musical Instruments, that I can verify will be perfect for students, as they advance through secondary school and beyond.


BESSON BE157Besson New Standard Baritone Horn

The BE157 Baritone Horn is well known for its warm and rich tone with superb accurate intonation. The Yellow-Brass bell and 3 bottom-sprung valves all add to the superior sound and smooth articulation.

Designed by skilled craftsmen to the highest standards, this Baritone horn benefits from a blend of superior quality materials and expertise, creating an instrument that produces a clear and full sound therefore offering great balance, free blowing and comfortable playing for all ages and abilities.

MONTREUX-BARITONEMontreux Concert Series Baritone

Prepared to be amazed at this new brand on the market! Taking inspiration in its design, materials and build quality from some of the greatest, professional Baritones available, the new Montreux EBH01 is definitely ‘punching above its weight’. The sound production, tone and beautiful silver-plate finish is gaining a reputation of similarity to that of the Besson Sovereign, but at a fraction of the price. It is aimed at the dedicated and improving player who strives for perfection in tone, articulation and intonation.

You will not be disappointed!


I remember listening in awe to the faultless and amazing ‘3 Tenors’; Carreras, Domingo and Pavarotti. Well I truly believe there is now a fourth member of the greatest Tenors in history!

Montreux Concert Series Compensating Euphoniummontreux-euphonium

This new Euphonium has taken its DNA from previous high-end instruments. Manufactured using the finest resonant brass alloy, and finished with a pristine Silver plating, this 4-Valve Euphonium will not let you down.

An unbelievable, full and wide tone rings out from its beautiful bell, while the precision engineered valve block lets you easily navigate the most intricate of passages. Outstanding value for money.

besson-euphoniumBesson New Standard 3 & 4 Valve Euphonium

The 4-valve non-compensating Besson New Standard Euphonium is popular across Wind Bands and Brass Bands across the globe. It offers a full sound and good intonation for the aspiring instrumentalist and the silver-plated finish makes it harder wearing than some models on the market. The BE165 4-valve version allows for a greater range and improved intonation with alternative fingerings. The BE162 3-valve ‘sibling’ version has the same excellent features, but slightly lighter in weight to aid younger players to perform to their potential. Both are truly well respected and robust, epitomising the 'British Style' and sound.


What is rarer than a Unicorn; a Tuba (and an actual player!) in a Secondary School Music ensemble.

Some schools I have encountered actually own a Tuba, but trying to find a candidate who is willing to play it, let alone carry it home to practice, is another!

Did you know that the Government ‘Education for Music in Schools’ committee categorised the Tuba, as an endangered instrument! It’s up to us to save it. Don’t let it go the same way as the Lituus (an 8-foot-long War Trumpet!).

We should all recognise the organisation ‘PINT’ (as many senior Tuba players do after every rehearsal & Gig!) The Public Initiative for Nurturing Tubas!

besson-tubaBesson BE177 New Standard Eb Tuba

This 3-valve non-compensating instrument is a solid student model produced by the Besson brand. It offers a full sound and good intonation for the aspiring student and the silver-plated finish makes it harder wearing. Its compact configuration allows for a comfortable playing position for smaller players making this a popular choice for younger students.

The BE177 is free blowing with an ease of tone production and an even response. The leadpipe is carefully positioned to give the optimum playing comfort and the valve technology produces complete accuracy and reliability. A lightweight design makes these tubas exceptionally easy to hold and carry, with their depth and quality of tone capturing the essence of the legendary Besson sound.

montreux-tubaMontreux Concert Series Eb Tuba

If you haven’t heard of the brilliant Montreux brand……you haven’t been taking notice!

Similar to all of the other instruments in the Montreux range, the design is inspired and influenced by the Besson Sovereign. But, at a fraction of the price. This EB Tuba is outstanding, in both appearance and sound production. It has a broad, full sound, offering the depth and imposing tones required in all musical scores. The finish is of the highest standard, and its presence on any stage will gain envious and acknowledgeable glances. A champion in the making. Wagner will be pleased!

All of our excellent instruments are checked to ensure only the highest quality reaches you in a perfect condition, and all of our Baritones, Euphoniums & Tubas come with mouthpieces and attractive protective cases.

No matter what your musical taste and preference is, from Elgar to ‘ELO’, Nick Childs to ‘Nessun Dorma’, or Black Dyke Mills to Butlins festivals, at Normans Musical Instruments we have a suitable and reliable, high-quality lower Brass instrument you can rely on.