Beginner trumpets, which is best? Choice is wonderful. There have been wars when people feel their freedom of choice is under threat. Wonderful. That being said, it can also be a massive pain. Sometimes, you don't want to do hours of in depth comparison but you do want to make an informed choice. After all, there is nothing worse than retrospectively realising you have wasted your money on a poor choice. As such, when picking the best beginner trumpet for you or your little one, may we suggest casting your eye over the chart below? beginner-trumpetIf you find you remain unsure as to the best choice for you, may I hearty recommend looking to the Sonata Beginners Pack: A traditional lacquer trumpet supplied with a quality case, mouthpiece, care kit and trumpet stand. When combined with the accessories to begin your musical journey, this Sonata Trumpet Pack is the best option on the market. When you then factor in the - relatively - low price tag, it's clear you can't go wrong with this instrument.

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