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Shopping for your first clarinet, whether it’s for you or someone in your family is not easy if you have no prior experience. Not everyone is familiar with the ‘in’ brands or the terminology. Here is a guide to 5 of the best clarinets currently on the market which are aimed at beginners. Carry on reading for clarinets for beginners. 

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Nuvo Clarineo C Clarinet – Best for Younger Players

 The Nuvo C Clarinet has become extremely popular in schools as it allows children to learn from a younger age. With a lightweight, scaled down design featuring smaller holes it enables children as young as 5 or 6 to get to grips with the clarinet. The tone is pretty good and the modern design complimented by a funky case in different colour schemes should appeal to both boys and girls. It is worth remembering that this clarinet is pitched in C while ‘standard’ clarinets are pitched in Bb so if you have an older sibling learning they won’t be able to play the same music at the same time unless you transpose one of the parts. 

Montreux Student Clarinet – Best for on a Budget

With significant price rises in Yamaha and Buffet’s student range over the last few years, other brands have entered the mix allowing schools and parents to purchase good quality instruments that don’t break the bank. Featuring an ABS body, which is durable and lightweight as well as offering a warm and responsive tone – this model ticks a lot of boxes. Practical backpack style gig bag completes the outfit. 

Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet – Best for Quality with Style

buffet-clarinetModelled on the Buffet B12, the new Prodige is one of the best student instruments on the market. Designed with the performer in mind, it offers a historical high level of design and tonal projection that is synonymous with quality clarinets around the world. This renowned student clarinet offers a rich, focused tone and ease of play for beginners and aspiring musicians thanks to the light weight feel and resilience. Comes with a semi-rigid back pack gig bag, making transportation easy and light weight, a mouthpiece, ligature and reed. 

Yamaha YCL255S – Best for Premium Brand Model

beginner-yamaha-clarinetThe YCL255 from Yamaha is the predecessor of the YCL250. Made from durable ABS resin and featuring adjustable thumb-rest, there’s not much to choose between this and the Buffet B12 in terms of quality and what is does. It is also priced in the same ballpark, so it really comes down to which brand speaks to you! Again, a good quality student model designed to take the player up to around the grade 5 mark – quality components and outfit with stylish case. 

Jupiter JCL700Q-S – Best all Rounder

beginner-clarinetWhen you start learning, choosing a good quality instrument is extremely important as it can either motivate you to pursue the clarinet or give up completely. The Jupiter JCL-700S-Q is the perfect entry-level model that offers both great quality features and value for money and it is one of the most popular student clarinets among our customers.

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