With an ever-changing range of portable Keyboards becoming available on the market, I thought I’d go through some of my ‘top picks’ if you are an adult beginner looking to start playing. 

Let's start at the very beginning...

...a very good place to start #SoundOfMusic

Value for money is of course a very important factor when buying anything for the first time. It’s the same in the world of Keyboards. That’s why we are proud to have our very own Axus AXP2 Keyboard, purpose built for this very reason. For around £100, this is a top of the range Keyboard with a whole host of functions that you find in more expensive Yamaha and Casio Keyboards. 61 keys, (which are all touch sensitive,) hundreds of fantastic instrument voices & accompaniment styles as well as a built in lesson system which can teach you some very well-known songs. However, if you are slightly concerned that the price of the Keyboard is quite cheap, you can be sure that the Axus gets rid of those niggling doubts!AXP2-keyboard

Movin' on up...

...Nothin' can stop me

Looking for something slightly more expensive which goes up a level? How about the Yamaha PSRE373? You will not believe how popular this instrument is, and is most definitely a flagship Keyboard which boasts incredible sound as well as an in-depth, easy to use, education system. The keys are touch sensitive as you would expect, but the sound is something that surprises everyone. For quite a small, compact unit, it doesn’t half kick out some volume! As Yamaha are specialists in music education, their Education Suite is the perfect independent tool to kick-start your music lessons.Keyboards - PSRE363

Because you're worth it...

If none of these are sounding right for you, have a look at the Piaggero range from Yamaha. The NP12 and NP32 Keyboards are designed to bring you a more realistic piano playing experience, and doesn’t focus as much on the amount of voices, styles etc. Available in both 61 and 76 note versions, these Keyboards are very lightweight and smart, and are the first to have slightly weighted keys. They don’t have half as many different ‘gadgets’ on them as the other two I’ve mentioned, but if you are just wanting a pure piano sound, these may be more up your street.Keyboards - the NPs  beginner Keyboard that will carry you forward. Ultimately, it depends on how much you are willing to spend to start with. Once that’s sorted though, I think any of these Keyboards would be the perfect choice. If you see anything on our website which isn’t on my list that catches your eye, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have. KEYBOARD