You’ve probably seen numerous blogs about A-Star percussion, there’s a valid reason why. Number one, A-Star continue to produce new percussion instruments. Number two, A-Star is an outstanding brand which has rapidly grown in popularity over the years. I mean…if we could climb on our roof here at Normans, we would most definitely be shouting from the rooftops how fabulous A-Star is, especially for music groups and schools. The brand continues to produce new and innovative percussion instruments perfect for the classroom. Always of high quality and featuring bright vibrant colours to most designs, making A-Star instruments appealing to children and teachers. Below are percussion packs which have just launched this week – brand new and ready to fill homes, classrooms and music groups.

The Practical Class Packs

These classroom percussion packs have been well thought out by A-Star. Each pack comes complete with a plastic box that yes, you will get the instruments back in once you’ve opened it. There’s loads of room, making it super easy for you teachers and parents.

percussion-packA-Star 30 Player Percussion Class Pack

There’s no mistaking the brightly coloured percussion instruments in this pack. Featuring a half moon tambourine, chime bars, cowbell, hand drum, guiro, maracas, two tone wooden block, claves, egg shakers, hand bells, castanets, beaters, triangles and kazoos. There’s enough to get an ensemble going!

percussion-packA-Star Keystage 2 25 Player Percussion Pack

The budget friendly option, yet full of percussion to make a variety of sounds. Featuring a glockenspiel, hand drum, headed and headless tambourine, hand bells, chime bars, castanets, claves, cymbals, claves, triangles, guiro and agogos. Of course, with beaters.

percussion-packA-Star Keystage 2 Percussion Class Set

The Key Stage 2 Percussion Class Set contains more premium percussion items than in the A-Star Keystage 2 25 Player Percussion Pack above. This set is much more wooden and brass based. It includes a glockenspiel, a headed tambourine, a half-moon tambourine, afuche, chime bars, cymbals, maracas, tulip block, claves, beaters, wooden blocks, castanet, jingle stick and a triangle.

If you’re on the move or have a smaller classroom…

hanging-percussion-packA-Star Percussion Instrument Bag

A practical classroom percussion set supplied in a handy bag which is also designed to hang. Great for easy access to those percussion instruments whilst keeping the classroom tidy. Also very practical for music groups, if you travel to lots of different venues to deliver your music classes. It’s surprising how much you can fit in a bag! This purpose built A-Star percussion bag contains a jingle stick, two tone block, headed tambourines, shaker, triangles, traditional and handled castanets, a large guiro, wooden block, egg shakers, claves and maracas. All totalling to 30 robust and great sounding instruments.

The Enclosed Bell

plastic-handled-bellsA-Star Bell Shakers - Pack of 6

Here’s something a little different from the percussion A-Star have previously produced. This pack of six enclosed plastic bells are great for the younger children just beginning in music. Suitable for ages 3+, children can show off their personality through these handled bells. Brightly coloured, easy to hold and without a doubt produce a great sound.

The Brightly Coloured Claves

clavesA-Star Claves – Pack of 10 (Blue, Red or Green)

A-Stars staple wooden clave is hugely popular due to its easiness to play, price and quality. A-Star have branched out and made the standard wooden clave look a lot more interesting, in primary colours. Yes, these claves are bright and colourful yet still produce the same sound the traditional natural clave. Supplied in packs of 10, giving you a discount to ordering the claves individually.

The Tambourines

tambourine-packA-Star Half Moon Assorted Colour Tambourine Pack of 10

This is a percussion pack from A-Star which should be in every teachers classroom, an assorted mix of tambourines. Arguably, the best piece of percussion on the music trolley…except the cymbals…cymbals will always win (in my opinion anyway). These tambourines are up there. Already popular on their own and one of A-Star’s bestsellers. You can now easily purchase them in a 10 pack whilst receiving a discount compared to ordering individually.

The Essential Beaters

Every teacher and music group will understand the need for beaters. A-Star already did the beaters below, however now they offer the beaters in handy packs of 10 pairs. A more practical way of purchasing those essential’s and you receive a discount to ordering individually. Thank you A-Star!

xylophone-beatersFelt Headed Xylophone Beaters - Pack of 10 pairs

Felt headed xylophone beaters with a plastic handle, these are great for use in percussion workshops and classrooms. The soft heads create a warm tone and the grip handles make playing secure.


Hard Glockenspiel Beaters - Pack of 10 pairs

High quality plastic beaters with a hard plastic head, designed for use with glockenspiels. This pack of 10 gives you plenty to keep as spares in your percussion sets.

soft-rubber-beater-packSoft Rubber Beaters - Pack of 10 pairs

This pack of 10 pairs of black shafted beaters with rubber heads are designed for school and student use. Versatile soft rubber beaters, ideal for use with chime bars, small drums and steel pans.

You can take a look at A-Star’s full percussion collection here.