With the number of gigging musicians on the rise, the demand for portable stage pianos has never been higher. The Casio PX-360 has the feel and tone of a grand piano, but also a bit extra!


The basics

Like most stage pianos, the PX-360 boasts a fully weighted, 88 note keyboard. With Casio’s signature ‘Tri-Sensor II’ technology, each key features 3 sensors capturing every nuance of expression and intonation. The keyboard is gradually weighted, meaning notes in the bottom range will be heavier to the touch and lighter at the top. Just what you’d expect from a top end Casio instrument.

Now for the fun part!

What makes the PX-360 stand out from its competitors is the extensive amount of built-in sounds and accompaniment rhythms that come included (550 voices + 200 rhythms to be exact!). Accessed by the LCD coloured touch screen, different combinations of instruments can be put together to create a whole array of musical genres. But that’s not all! PX-360 also has all the standard digital features that you’d expect. ‘Layer, Split & Octave Shift’ functions, as well as both MIDI and WAV Recording! There’s effectively nothing that it doesn’t do.

Sounds good, but I want a piano

Understandable of course. Should you not be wanting to use all of the ‘bells and whistles’ all the time, you can convert PX-360 into a standard traditional piano. Add a wooden stand and 3 pedals to the instrument, so you can play all of your Grade 8 piano pieces. It’s equipped to deal with all! All in all, it’s a pretty good instrument. We’ve found it very popular for musicians who need both a ‘portable piano’ but also all the brass and synth sounds for their band setup.

Should you have any more questions on the PX-360, feel free to get in touch!