The recorder is one of the most infamous instruments for the classroom. Even thinking about it brings back memories of playing ‘Three Blind Mice’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on your classroom recorder to your whole friendship group!

Here at Normans, we hold a variety of different recorder packs in stock, providing excellent value and durability for Music Educators!

classroom-recorder-packPack #1

Designed to add that little bit of extra excitement into music lessons, the mixed colour classroom recorder packs give children a much more engaging instrument to practice and perform with! The recorders are supplied in 10 or 30 packs, and each come included with a protective bag and cleaning rod! These A-Star recorders are becoming increasingly popular due to their great value for money.

school-recorderPack #2

Looking for something that bit more traditional? Not to worry! These brown & white recorders are also available in either 10 or 30 packs, for a more simple and subtle appearance! These brown and white A-star recorders are sometimes more preferred by teachers due to a slightly more basic appearance, but still look just as smart for school performances.

classroom-recorder-beigePack #3

Finally, we move to the standard ‘Beige’ colour. Again, available in a small or large pack, these are our best-selling recorders which are highly popular with young children. They produce a fantastic tone which truly inspires children to practice and keep playing. Due to the affordable price, it’s one which quickly flies off our shelves! recorder-range