Finding the right digital piano is hard which is why we are comparing the Yamaha Arius Series, one of the most popular ranges available.

yamaha-digital-pianoYamaha YDP144

The first of the fabulous bunch is the YDP144. This has been developed and improved from its predecessor, YDP143. It is perfect for the intermediate and professional player who wants the sound and feel of a concert grand in their own house.

Yamaha YDP164

This model is a step up from the popular YDP163 with improved touch, sound and connectivity. It is quite similar to the latter (YDP144) model, however, it features some added extras;
  • Smooth Release
  • GH3 Keyboard
  • Synthetic Ivory and Ebony Key Tops
  • 20 W x 2 Amplifiers
  • Taller Cabinet Size

yamaha-digital-pianoYamaha YDPS34

The main difference between the Arius Series is that the YDPS34 and YDPS54 are much slimmer. Therefore, it is a great model for limited space. If you are looking for a digital piano which boasts sound and feel, but do not want the bulk of a traditional cabinet, this is certainly an option to consider.

Yamaha YDPS54

This model is a great option for those intermediate and professional players that are limited for space. It includes many features such as dual and duo modes, digital effects and many more, whilst being compact at the same time. A few extras that the YDPS34 doesn't have include;
  • Smooth Release
  • GH3 Keyboard
  • Synthetic Ivory and ebony key tops
  • 20 W x 2 amplifiers


Before I ramble too much, I have compacted all the info on these models into a table so you can compare the Yamaha Arius Series for yourself. comparing-yamaha-arius-series full-range