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778A8774778A8784  The Doods and TooTs are a fun addition to the wind family, perfect for beginners interested in the Flute and Clarinet. These revolutionary instruments are small and light, perfect for shorter arms yet easy to clean allowing the beginner player to immediately get into good hygiene habits. Furthermore, they do all this while maintaining the status of being a ‘real’ instrument.

Here is a brief comparison chart of the DooD and TooT: Book1 The DooD 7942_1_ To the beginner musician who wants to play the Clarinet this could well be the instrument for you. As an amalgamation of the Clarinet and Chalumeau, (a Baroque instrument that is a predecessor to the modern Clarinet), DooD gets the best of both worlds with durable key covers that allow for easier playing with small hands while using the somewhat simpler Recorder fingerings. The Chalumeau first appeared in 1630's (1) With the chromatic range of one octave, as well as having a mouth piece that allows for both Nuvo and traditional cane reeds, this is an instrument option not to be overlooked as it cherry picks the best from a range of instruments creating a fun and engaging playing experience. The TooT 7939_1_ The TooT, which is similar in nature to the Fife, has a wider bore thus making the instrument shorter (32.5cm) as well as bringing together the holes, again thinking about short arms and fingers. With all these factors and other handy features such as the FirstNote lip plate and double holes making chromatic playing easy, the beginner player starts off on the right foot, learning good posture and correct fingerings. Clearly this is a winning combination. The TooT also comes supplied with a standard flute mouthpiece so that when the player is ready they can take the next step. The Chalumeau first appeared in 1630's (2) Both DooD and TooT instruments are an excellent choice for children and adults wanting to learn a new instrument and they are extremely popular in education. They come in two different colours with a range of finishes including White with Blue, Pink or Green trim and Black with Blue, Pink, Green or Black trim. Perfect for creating a colourful ensemble, these instruments will also add something extra to a woodwind band.

If you have any further questions or would like to place an order for DooDs or TooTs, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01283 535333 option 1 or and we will be happy to help! In the meantime, here is a video of Fly Me To The Moon duet on DooDs: