Cornet Accessories
As any instrumentalist will tell you there is more to playing than just having the instrument, although it is a good start. The Cornet is no exception.

The basics

While some things are more essential than others these are the no quibble must haves that you need in order for everything to be functioning.
  • Valve Oil - Applied to the vales as lubrication to allow free movement. This allows you to avoid the dreaded sticky valves and evade the extreme frustration of your instrument holding you back.
  • Cleaning - For this brushes and rags work best. While you don’t have to do this too often it is important to give you to give your Cornet a bath (lukewarm NOT hot or boiling) now and then and the brushes are perfect for scrubbing the inside tubing of your instrument clean as well as your mouthpiece. This is massively important: seriously it’s very important.
Cornet Accessories

Keeping up appearances

While these items may not be fundamental to your instruments well being there are many people who would argue the importance of keeping your instrument as lovely on the outside as you need to keep it on the inside.
  • Lacquer or Silver Cloth – These are impregnated with cleaning agents geared at making you instrument look as shiny as new after every clean. Leaving dirt and perspiration on your instrument can lead to a gradual removal of the Trumpet (or Cornets) finish. So as well as making your instrument look shiny this cloth also helps keep your Trumpet in great condition.
  • Valve Jacket – While maybe not something for the strict vegetarians out there this high quality leather jacket is long lasting and also helps guard against that pesky problem of valve corrosion. Plus there’s the added bonus of keeping the valve block warm while you play.
Cornet Accessories

The World beyond home practice

Once you get good, or bored of playing alone, the obvious next step is banding. However don’t be caught out! There are a few things that might come in handy...
  • Cornet Stand - These are pretty useful for those long rests or during the interval of a concert as they give you a stable base on which to leave you instrument.
  • Mute - While at home it’s okay to ignore that ‘con sordino’ marking but it will become apparent if you do so while playing in a group....
Cornet Accessories

And finally

823What are you balancing your music on? If the answers in your open case then shame on you! While many people do so at home you’ll never play your best like this. Music stands (the much more favorable alternative) are fully adjustable allowing you to stand tall which in turn allows for good posture which in turn helps your playing in regards to everything from your breath control to your projection. With most stands being completely collapsible this piece of kit is easy to store and transport and while it may be more of a musicians essential rather that principally for the Trumpet (or Cornet) it is still an indispensable in helping you reach your potential while playing.