Forenza String Instruments (the Forenza Uno Violins included of course!) have consistently been our bestselling instruments. They offer a wide range of options from student to advanced level at a very competitive prices. Most importantly, the quality sound and build of the Forenza range offers a serious investment into a performers future. There is nothing more satisfying than watching and hearing your child in a a school orchestra. Or, as an adult, taking up the worlds most famous orchestral instruments. After months of rehearsals, the joy of performing in a concert to parents, friends, family and teachers. Even for adults starting the violin for the first time, positive comments regarding a performance can be life-changing. Applause is addictive! Continuing the success of Forenza brand, we have added a new range of starter violins - the Forenza Uno. The most cost effective and reliable starter Violin available at Normans Musical Instruments.

The Basics

forenza-uno-violinThis beautiful Violin is made from quality woods and finished with a rich, resonating protective varnish. This produces a lovely warm and natural tone. The Forenza Uno comes supplied with a quality wooden bow and a block of rosin. And all protected in a lightweight carry case for easy yet safe transportation. The Violins are available in sizes ¼, ½, ¾, and Full Size.

Quality Fittings

violinThe Uno Series violins are fitted with precise fittings that are necessary for a great learning experience. All violins include durable hardwood fingerboard and tuning pegs. A robust integral tailpiece with 4 fine tuners makes it great for beginners, providing a quality learning experience. To top it off, the violins have a fitted bridge and the strings are already fitted. All you need to do is tune your new instrument, rosin your bow, and play!

Useful Accessories

The great thing about this range of violins is that they include everything you need to play the violin as well as transport it safely and in style! Each Uno instrument includes a quality moulded case in black as well as a durable bow and rosin to bring out the best sound from your instrument.

Natural or Black Finish and Size Options

black-violinWith the new colour options in the Uno series, anyone can choose their favourite to make learning more fun! The 3/4 and full size violins are available in both the Black or Natural finish. The Uno Series are available in sizes 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or 4/4 full size, so that you can find the right size for you or the perfect upgrade from your current size instrument!

In Summary...

The Forenza Uno Violins are ideal for anyone who wants to take up the violin, without spending fortunes! They are ideal for the younger musicians who will be regularly growing and requiring the next size up. They come with the complete set of accessories to get you started, and offer a genuine great tone and playability that teachers approve of. Parents will be pleased to know that this instrument certainly will not break the bank and I am sure this will also appeal to classrooms and music services. When taking up your first instrument there are a number of things that can put you off - instruments can often be quite expensive and some cheaper models can be of very poor quality which can be quite discouraging when learning. The Uno Series are tailored to fit your budget while being a quality student instrument. Here at Normans Musical Instruments we have no doubt everyone will feel encouraged to take up the violin with Uno models.