Headphones are a saviour. We all know that 30 children playing the keyboard at the same time is not the most relaxing atmosphere. Headphones are the perfect solution for the music classroom. However, before telling you the tips to get your hands on the most perfect pair of headphones for schools, let us introduce you to the types of headphones. Headphones are broadly categorised into three types, based on the design. Keep reading as we describe them.

Over-ear headphones

over-ear-headphones As the name suggests, these kinds of headphones have over sized ear cups to cover all your ear and the surrounding. These are excellent in cancelling the ambient noises and hence are preferred for practising in noisy environments.

On-ear headphones

on-ear-headphones They are slightly smaller in size than the former, and they just cover the right portion of your ear. Lighter in weight, these are often portable and hence are more popular among the young generation.

In-ear headphones

in-ear-headphones The most popular, and the most common in use - in-ear headphones, also known as earphones are the popularly used device which is very light in weight and hence is extremely portable. The size and budget, both fit your pocket.


1. Select a type and design

Now that you are aware of the basic types, you can make a decision to buy one of its kind based on your usage pattern. Choose the design that suits your classroom set up, to avoid losing them and using them for a longer period. The additional features to look out for while purchasing headphones are;

2. Evaluate sound quality

The first and the foremost quality you should look for is the sound quality. We recommend that you try different variants before finalising the one for you. If you are purchasing the device online, make sure you check the return and exchange policies.

3. Active Noise Cancellation

Always look out for headphones that reduce the unwanted ambient noise. These types of headphones have a miniature microphone that helps in counteracting the background noise. They work ideally for noisy environments such as the classroom.

4. Mic Quality

The next feature to look out for is a durable and sweat-resistant. Mic that has a good noise filtration along with High-speech intelligibility.

5. Cables

Wireless technology has been the showstopper for quite sometime now. With the technology making its appearance in the music industry, headphones have become more stylish, portable and easy to carry. You don’t have to spend those extra minutes detangling the wire. Look for wireless headphones, or headphones with detachable cables.

6. Battery Life

With cables vanishing from the scenario, long and durable battery life has become a very important asset. Check for the battery life and play time before investing your money on the stylish set of headphones.

7. Comfort

Let’s also talk about how to choose the most comfortable headphones that fit your ear with the most amazing experience of music. Comfort is key when practising for long periods of time. headphones-for-schools You can also check an interesting article on headphones at Spriee.