Instruments for Younger Children
It could just be a whimsical ‘stocking-filler’. A fun Birthday present. Something to keep younger children amused and entertained. You never know, their first Musical Instrument could be just the start of something BIG! This initial introduction into our wonderful world of music may sow the seeds! The first musical instrument may lay the foundations for a life-long, rewarding career in music. It may offer children improved educational progress and cognitive development. But, undoubtedly, it will make them happy! So, the ’64 thousand-dollar question’ (trust me, it will be much, much cheaper!) What instrument should you buy?

Nuvo TooT

Learning a traditional instrument can sometimes be challenging, especially for young children, beginners or players on a budget. That's where Nuvo comes in. Their range of innovative, colourful plastic wind instruments are designed to make the gift of learning music accessible for everyone. The new Nuvo TooT is a mix between a flute and a fife, making it possible for the younger player to start learning earlier. It also makes it easier for any keen musician to move on to playing a flute later. Designed to match everyone's taste, TooT is available in classic black and many other attractive colour combinations.

Nuvo Recorder

One of the main problems with ‘early years’ recorder playing is the actual recorder itself, in conjunction with very small fingers. If your little ‘pinkies’ can’t properly cover the holes, then the sound would not be pleasant, and Mary would not have a little lamb! The Nuvo Recorder design incorporates patented silicone key covers over each hole, which allows an easier method of covering the tone holes. This alleviates poor note production, and promotes confidence. Children (and adults!) will be able to make quicker progress on to more complicated music and promote their enthusiasm.


One of the most popular, spontaneous buys you can make. The simple, yet easy to play Ukulele has been one of our most prolific sellers over recent years. Small, easy to tune, easy to play, and great fun. We have a great selection of Ukuleles, from Stagg, Rocket, 3rd Avenue and Mahalo. They are all very affordable, well-constructed and are available in more colours than a rainbow! The majority of our Uke’s are under £20, so make the most ideal present, for anyone aged 5 – 105!

1/4 Size Guitar

I’m sure Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Gilmour and Jack Patrick wouldn’t have had their great success without starting early. They all picked up their first guitar in their teens. Just imagine if they had started even earlier? Problem. All decent guitars were full size? Here at Normans Musical Instruments we have some brilliant 1/4 Size Guitars to start children on their journey to stardom! Constructed to the same standard as their ‘bigger’ siblings, they are a brilliant ‘first step’ to becoming a ‘Guitar Hero’! My favourites are the 1/4 Size, Rocket Classical Guitar, 3rd Avenue and the Stagg C405. Both of these lovely samples are classical in their design, with the more tactile nylon strings for comfort. Stagg also offer a 1/4 Size C505 with an attractive ‘Chameleon’ or ‘Dragonfly’ decorated design. Wait till you see their faces when they open it. Bargain! For any budding ‘Rockers’ or future ‘Heavy Metal’ icons, you can’t do better than the 3rd Avenue STX05RD Electric Guitar. This quarter size Electric Guitar is the ideal size for a beginner and comes in a fabulous high gloss black or red finish. The fingerboard and neck have a classic natural wood finish and the in-built speaker allows for instant power chords! Turn it up to eleven!



From the makers of the ever popular pBone and pTrumpet, pBuzz is designed to capture the interest of younger musicians in a fun and exciting way. This is a fantastic choice for children to give them an introduction to the brass family. pBuzz, for the younger children, offers an entertaining ‘raspberry blowing’ method to make music. The extending body changes the pitch in a similar way a trombone slide does, and is great fun. “To infinity and beyond”!

Drum Kit

“Aaarrgh” I hear you scream. A Drum Kit? Think about the positives. First, the ‘WOW’ factor when a child first sees it. The most impressive and imposing present a child could wish for. Children like big shiny things they can hit! Every band needs a drummer. It isn’t bagpipes!! So, if you have lovely, understanding neighbours (or totally dislike them!) or you live in a detached property; Ideal. The Rocket 3 Piece Junior Drum Kit, in either Blue or Red, will keep children happy for many years. Consisting of small Bass Drum, Tom, Snare Drum, and a Crash Cymbal, this Rocket drum kit is perfect. A complete outfit, with a stool, hardware, sticks and drum key. Solid, quality construction will ensure it is not a ‘one-hit-wonder’. Just think, you could have a (Ringo) Star in the making!


A-Star Percussion Pack

What can be more entertaining for small children than a set of percussion instruments? This A-Star Percussion Pack, all neatly stored in a bag, offers them the chance to form their first band! With 10 individual percussion instruments, as well as being amazing fun, they can learn about rhythm and sounds. Consisting of a glockenspiel, maracas, castanets, cymbals, bells, shakers, tone-block and triangle, you have a ‘band in a bag’! Ok, it might be noisy, but I can guarantee, it will be fun! No excuses now! When looking for an instrument for a younger child, Normans Musical Instruments is here for you. Let the journey begin.