keyboard accessories
You have chosen a wonderful Keyboard, but what else is a necessity for your Chopin Liszt? (I’m very sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I take it... Bach!) Whether you are an experienced keyboard player who performs regularly, or if you play at home or are just starting out, you will find that the keyboard on its own is often not enough for a successful playing session. You need to make sure you are also sitting comfortable, are able to practice without disturbing others if necessary and that your beloved instrument is protected under any conditions. I will reveal the 5 Keyboard Accessories that should be on every musicians wish list.

Comfort and Joy

Without comfort, your performance will be a catastrophe! I’m pretty sure that at some stage of every piano/keyboard players life they have sat on an unsuitable, ordinary chair and piled it with cushions to gain the correct height. Your posture, breathing and performance would benefit greatly with a suitable Piano Stool or Bench. We actually stock 40 different styles, makes, models and colours of Piano Stools and Benches. Starting with the Rocket Adjustable Keyboard Bench, at the £20 mark. This bench is by far one of our most affordable yet popular Keyboard seats. With its engineered construction, padded seat and adjustable design, it meets the demands of the most experienced keyboard players. If you are looking for a more traditional seat, then the Stagg Piano Bench is an excellent and comfortable choice with a sumptuous padded seat and a handy music storage compartment. Although, it is not height adjustable. Finally, for your ‘posterior’ comfort, I would highly recommend the Stagg KEB-A60 Double Braced Keyboard Bench. It offers the highest level of padding as well as height adjustability. This makes your performance enjoyable for you as well as your audience! keyboard accessories - benches

Stand and Deliver

The majority of keyboards don’t come with matching fitted stands, so a strong, robust, foldable and height adjustable stand is a must. Without doubt the most popular, due to its strength, build quality and unbelievable price, is the Rocket KXS02 Double Braced Keyboard Stand. For under £20 you will not be disappointed, and it will give you fine service for many decades for all keyboards, including the larger and heavier 76-note models. If your keyboard is a smaller and lighter model, then you will find the Rocket KSX01 Single Braced Stand is more than sufficient for your needs, and at only £15 is amazing value for money. If your performance situation requires the highest level of stability, you may want to consider the TGKT1 Keyboard Table. A sturdy, square tubular construction that can support Keyboards up to 80kg, the TGI Foldaway Keyboard Table is designed for the vast majority of heavier keyboards which require a solid base. keyboard accessories - stands

Put Your Foot Down

When I play my Piano, if I didn’t have a sustain pedal, my performance would be unmusical. Disjointed. Frankly unacceptable... Funnily enough, this is what people say about my singing! A Keyboard Sustain Pedal is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Generally, Keyboards do not come with foot/sustain pedals, they are an optional extra. It is also worth remembering that some makes of pedal do not work on other makes of Keyboards. If you are unsure it is always best to buy a dedicated pedal by the same manufacturer. One such pedal that does work with all Keyboards and Digital Pianos is the Stagg SUSPED. It is very popular. This is due not only to its universal usage on all keyboards, plus its strong, durable build, but also the unbelievable price. If you want a dedicated pedal, we have the Casio SP-20 (full size pedal £33) and smaller Casio SP-3 (£13). We also stock the excellent Yamaha pedals - the FC4 & FC5 - which are the most popular and dependable pedals chosen by Yamaha keyboard performers around the world. Keyboard Accessories - Pedals

Take Cover!

When not in use, it is always advisable to keep your keyboard covered. This will ensure a dust free instrument as well as protecting the keys and electrics from any other housebound infestations! We stock 3 sizes of Chord Keyboard Covers to perfectly fit either 61, 76 or 88 note width keyboards. If you are a mobile musician, a keyboard bag is vital to protect your keyboard. It makes sure your instrument does not suffer any damage in transit. I would recommend a padded bag or, ideally, a hard case for the best protection. There is a variety of bags and cases available. You should be able to find one that fits your keyboard. If you simply want a budget transport bag for your Keyboard, I recommend the Rocket 61 0r 88 Note Keyboard Bags. They consist of 10m padded Nylon material and will protect your keyboard from moisture and knocks. On top of this they make it easy to carry with the quality-stitched carry handle. An alternative to the Rocket brand are the Stagg K10 and K18 series protective bags, with excellent, strong and ideal characteristics to protect your keyboard. The final brand that I highly recommend are the keyboard cases by Gator. Gator cases are among some of the most popular instrument cases due to their high quality, durability and versatility. These GK-61, 76 & 88 Note Keyboard cases feature a semi-hard structure, soft internal foam lining and adjustable padded straps making a suitable for a range of keyboards. There are also built-in wheels for easy transportation and accessory pockets for convenience. Gator also manufacture a solid, hard case for those journey’s where your keyboard has to be packed along with other instruments or cases. The Gator GTSA Key88 offers an unrivaled level of protection for your most beloved and fragile of keyboards that money can buy. Keyboard accessories -bags and covers

Silence is Golden

When my daughter started playing our Keyboard I was impressed with her practice ethic: She played hour upon hour every day. Unfortunately, our keyboard had to be in the same room as our TV. I did not want to discourage her practicing... Yet the same time I did want to watch ‘Blue Planet’, and listen to David Attenborough in peace. I was in a quandary! Answer = Keyboard Headphones! All of our Keyboards at Normans have a ¼” Headphone Jack socket. We sell a wide range of headphones to suit all budgets. Starting with the TGIH10 at under £9, you will not find a better pair of headphones for the price. In fact, they were rated better sounding to pairs that were triple the price! In our medium range we have the Stagg SHP range, with their comfortable fit and padded earcups giving a powerful bass and clear treble response for a very affordable price. Sitting at the top of our headphones Top 10 are the AKG K52. AKG have been producing some of the world’s finest headphones and microphones for many years, and these do not disappoint. The new AKG K52 Headphones cover all aspect of comfort and sound reproduction to suit every music enthusiast. Their ergonomic, durable design and professional features offer an accurate, full frequency range sound representation at a surprisingly low price! keyboard accessories - headphones If you have any further questions regarding Keyboard accessories please don’t hesitate to contact Normans Musical Instruments sales team.