Looking for the right piano bench can be just as challenging as finding the right piano! With so many types to choose from, here is an overview of the different models we stock at Normans. Adjustable Keyboard Benches In all of our keyboard packages, we include a height adjustable bench. This is a brilliant piece of kit, as the main feature is having the advantage to fold it down when not in use. They are perfect for gigging with, as you can easily transport them but still play in comfort with the padded seat. The X-frame is fully adjustable, meaning you can customise it to suit your individual height. The frame is also constructed from steel, providing a sturdy, durable bench which also only weighs 1.2 kg. All of our keyboard packages include the Rocket Adjustable Keyboard Bench, and it is a fantastic bench for the price! Hydraulic Piano Benches These benches are especially designed to make adjusting the height easy. By using hydraulic technology, the benches can simply move up and down by pulling a lever. They are height adjustable from 18.3 inches to 23.2 inches! Also, with a well-padded large seat, it can provide hours of comfortable playing experience. The Stagg Hydraulic Piano Bench is available in either a black or rosewood finish, so it can fit in with any environment. If you are looking for a modern piano bench with easy height adjustable controls, this is the one for you! Adjustable Piano Stools Piano stools are the more traditional looking accessory that you think of. With their padded seat, and height adjustable knob, they are great for digital and acoustic pianos. Offering a sturdy wooden construction, they are suitable for all environments and allow you to play in comfort with the large padded vinyl top. The Stagg Piano Stool has a matte black finish, and is height adjustable between 49cm and 59cm. We have these types of bench available in matte black and a polished finish. Double Piano Stools Brilliant for teaching and duet environments, double piano stools allow two people to sit and play the piano at the same time. Best of all, they are individually adjustable. This means that you do not have to sit at the same height, and so you can change your seat to fit your personal needs. They have padded velvet tops, providing you extra comfort whilst playing. Being lightweight, they are able to be transported to various venues or rooms. The Rocket Double Piano Stool is a professional looking stool, which is also at a brilliant price! I bet you never thought there were so many piano benches to choose from! All of the piano benches that we stock are available to browse on our website (click here). If you need more advice on which one would be best for you, get in touch with our Sales Team via sales@normans.co.uk or 01283 535333 (option 1).