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“Dear Genie, I have many wishes; World Peace, the end of Disease and Famine, a Kind and Considerate Society………………..and Music Stands that last more than a few concerts and rehearsals, without a screw thread failing or bits dropping down!! When looking to purchase Music Stands for your School, there are 3 things to consider. music stand In this article I will take you through the different Music Stands we offer here at Normans Musical Instruments. I can guarantee they will provide you with the quality and performance you desire.


All musicians and music teachers can remember those first, early primary school days of school ensembles. The flimsy, easily damaged music stands with the ‘bendy’ arms that warped when trying to fold them up! On a plus side, they did the job, were very cheap, and you could store a load of them easily in one box. Well, they are still available, but I hasten to add, with much improvement of quality and reliability. rocket-music-standRocket MS03BK/MS04BK - An excellent value-for-money, all-adjustable offering from Rocket. These music stands are perfect for practising at home and for musical groups where storage is important. The sturdy tripod base with rubber feet and music extension bars ensure a non-slip performance. These very popular stands fold down easily and are all neatly stored in their own durable nylon bag. Stagg MUS-A4 and TGI MS20BK Heavy Duty Music Stands - Similar to the Rocket stands above, these stands from Stagg and TGI are an excellent purchase. Multi-adjustable in height and table angle, with extra-strong tubular construction, they offer the ideal solution to all schools. When you assess the key criteria of an ideal robust and affordable music stand, these are definitely a ‘tick’, ‘tick’, ‘tick’ answer. The stands are supplied in a strong carry bag which can be easily stored when not in use.

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Rocket MS05BK Orchestral Music Stand – In my opinion, the best value-for-money Music Stand on the market. This high-quality music stand is extremely sturdy and stable. Its tubular steel construction incorporates ABS leg housing and connector clamps ensuring superb stability and support for your music. It features a metal sheet rest with attractive hole design which greatly reduces the weight. The stand is easy to assemble and has a strong tripod base with folding legs resulting in easy storage and transportation. The height is adjustable between 70-110cm. A fantastic versatile stand suitable for lessons, practice at home, bands and orchestras. Your wish has been granted! stagg-music-standStagg MUS-C5 T Orchestral Music Stand – Similar in many aspects to the Rocket MS05BK stand, this Stagg Stand offers amazing design with enhanced connector clamps at a very affordable price. This sturdy and reliable orchestral stand is designed to go the distance! Perfect for every musician, bands and orchestras due to its strength and resilience, this stand will last you throughout countless practice sessions and performances over many years. Stagg MUS-C5 TP Orchestral Music Stand – Identical to the above model, but with a solid music table. This adds strength as well as being better for outdoor performances where breezes may be an issue.


If nothing but the best will do, and you want a stand that will last, then Manhasset is the brand for you. Why do you think the majority of professional orchestras, bands and concert halls use Manhasset? They are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards with outstanding durability. They come in 4 slightly different models, the Symphony, Voyager, Harmony, and Orchestral, and have the option of a dedicated storage cart.

manhasset-symphony-standManhasset Symphony Music Stand

The Manhasset classic black Symphony 4801 stands are great for both large and small groups of musicians. With them being immensely popular with orchestras, they are highly recommended! Extendable height, from 66cm to 122cm.
  • Height adjustable between 65-127cm (floor to desk lip)
  • Lightweight aluminium desk measuring 50.8 x 32.5 x 5.6cm, ideal for large music scores
  • Heavy-gauge, all-steel welded base provides excellent stability
  • Also available in a range of great, bright colours

manhasset-voyagerManhasset Voyager Music Stand

The Voyager stand is designed for musicians who want the usual high-quality Manhasset stands, but in a more portable format. The tripod base can be folded quickly and efficiently.
  • Extendable height, from 66cm to 122cm.
  • Collapsible tripod base with twist lock mechanism for quick release
  • Desk measures 51cm by 32cm with a bottom lip, ideal for holding large music scores

manhasset-harmony-standManhasset Harmony Music Stand

The Manhasset 8501 Harmony stand features a design which incorporates brilliant functionality, and is great for storage. The v-shaped bases allow the stands to be stacked together in a very compact style. This way, it only takes 6 feet to store 25 stands when not being used. The height of the stand is adjustable, and can be extended between 72.4cm and 128cm
  • V-shaped base allows the stands to be stacked together in a very compact style
  • Strong aluminium music desk with heavy duty chrome inner shaft
  • Height adjustable 66 - 122cm (lip to floor)
  • Friction stability system allows it to stay in your desired position without the use of any screws etc.

manhasset-orchestra-music-standManhasset Orchestral Music Stand

The Manhasset 5001 orchestral series stands are designed with professional concert orchestras in mind. This model features a double lip which allows you to keep essential accessories including bows, rosin, pencils, reeds etc until you need them! The stand is made from rugged, durable aluminium which allows it to have a sturdy, robust build. Double lip for storage of pencils, reeds, rosin, bows, valve oil etc.
  • Strong, classic black music stand built to last a lifetime
  • Powder coated aluminium with black, scratch resistant finish
  • Heavy gauge welded steel base provides stability
  • Friction stability system allows it to stay in your desired position without the use of any screws etc.

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