January has almost come to an end. Soon you can leave behind the cold, long, harsh winter nights and start to welcome the bright blue skies. Sand between your toes, warm, gentle golden rays hitting your skin, the fresh aroma of the sea breeze. What else can you look forward to? Playing nostalgic music there whilst reminiscing on the good times. Here are my top picks for the perfect summer instrument.


Ukuleles are great for the beach: they’re affordable, lightweight and come in a wide variety of designs. Not only this, but the ukulele is an easy instrument to learn, and is inclusive to all ages! I recommend the 3rd Avenue brand for those who are new to playing, and the Mahalo Java Ukulele for those who are more experienced.


Another classic instrument for the beach is the guitar. What makes the guitar so popular? Once again, it is accommodating of all ages, portable and guitars do not take much maintenance. If you are just starting out, I recommend the  3rd Avenue brand, and then Yamaha if you are more advanced.


If you can eat a cornetto on the beach, why not play a cornet on the beach! Yes, that’s right, a cornet. How? By using a pCornet of course! They’re portable, lightweight and easy to clean and maintain – they don’t need any oil. In addition to the pCornet, we also sell the pTrumpet, the pBone and the pBuzz. These are the perfect additions to your summer getaways. Even though summer feels like a long way away, with the right instrument you can relive the summer sun!