nuvo descant recorder
Do you remember the first time you played a recorder? It is one of those instruments that most people have tried at least once... for better or worse. I can hazard a guess it was when you were in Infant or Primary school? At the time you may have taken a total dislike to the idea of playing a musical instrument, especially an ‘uncool’ recorder. Yet, believe it or not, it did help your education and life skills. It taught you discipline, team-work, co-ordination, musicianship, auto-sensory recognition… and how much saliva one child can produce 🤤 One of the main problems with early years recorder playing is the size of the recorder and the size of very small - and very young - fingers. If your little ‘pinkies’ can’t properly cover the holes, then the sound would not be pleasant, and ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’ unrecognizable!
nuvo descant recorder Poor hand placement like this can be common among smaller children.

It is these reasons that inspired the design and production of the Nuvo Descant Recorder+nuvo descant recorder

Its design incorporates patented silicone key covers over each hole, which allows an easier method of covering the tone holes, alleviating poor note production. Children (and adults!) will be able to make quicker progress and teachers can capitalise on their maintained levels of enthusiasm. The larger tone holes produce a more mellow tone for the Recorder+ compared to traditional instruments. The instrument is fully chromatic from middle C to D and follows traditional recorder fingering. There are three rubber rings on the bell to match the secondary colour of the instrument. These can be used as a reward system to motivate players as they reach learning milestones or simply used to accessories! At Normans Musical Instruments, you can choose from a vast range of great colours. Hopefully helping enthuse the players and banish the ‘un-cool’ opinion nuvo descant recorders The Nuvo Recorder+ can be washed in hot soapy water. Great for kids... we are sure you agree. It is also supplied with a recorder fingering chart, open hole covers for C & D, and thumb pads, as well as a ‘cool’ protective molded case. Once again, all great for kids. So at last, the recorder has finally evolved after many, many years, into an instrument of beauty and musical attraction. Nuvo has developed the simple recorder to please all generations of musician and enthuse them into continuing with instrumental performance. The young musician cannot go wrong with Nuvo.