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Yamaha has developed a wide range of brass and woodwind instruments utilising the latest technologies. Working with everyone from professional musicians to those who are taking their first musical breath. Yamaha continues on this journey to enrich people’s lives through music. So do I! In this article, I will introduce you to the high-end professional range of Professional Yamaha Brass Instruments. The very same one’s that many professional musicians use today around the world.

Yamaha YBH831 Neo Baritone

This is the first Yamaha Baritone to feature a 3-valve compensating system, to deliver the sound and play ability artists desire. A traditional baritone type with an original tubing configuration for improved pitch compensation. By allowing breath to flow through the bypass tubes of valves that are pressed simultaneously with the third valve, pitch accuracy in the mid to low range is markedly improved. yamaha baritone While retaining the traditional Baritone configuration. The YBH-831 includes refinements that are invisible to the eye but make a significant difference in performance. The resonant yet projecting yellow brass alloy, original main tube taper and large bell add clarity and projection to a deep, magnificent baritone timbre - that won’t get lost in powerful tutti passages. Yamaha’s attention to detail are the slim valve casings and a hand rest mounted parallel to the valves. Resulting in a natural, stress-free hand position, while lightweight pistons make the action quick and agile. Available in either clear lacquer or Silver plate finish.

Yamaha YEP642 Neo Euphonium

To all of the Besson Prestige purists who are reading this, I say to you, “just try it and see what you are missing”! Working together with world-renowned brass band conductor Bill Millar. Yamaha’s design staff started with a clean slate creating numerous euphonium prototypes, redesigning each part and component until all agreed that the ideal brass band sound that they were seeking had been attained. This new Yamaha YEP642 euphonium delivers a tone that blends well with baritone and tenor horns. Powerful with excellent projection, it produces the tone colour that soloists require and expect in an instrument. The instrument’s main tube utilises a new design that maintains adequate resistance. It delivers a powerful low range and focused high range, which improves dynamics over the instrument’s entire range. In addition to a matured and comfortable tone, this design offers accurate pitching while delivering greater musical expressiveness. euphonium Changing the hand rest position to allow for a more natural hold on the instrument simplifies fingering and offers smoother performance. Great for playing demanding solo or ensemble passages. “The Yamaha Neo Euphonium has an unrivalled depth in tone and accuracy of tuning throughout the whole range of the instrument. Projected across any ensemble with consummate ease. This newest addition to the Neo range allows a performer the opportunity to portray their musical ideas with absolute comfort, culminating in a classic British Euphonium sound.” - Steven Walsh, the Principal Euphonium player of Brighouse and Rastrick Like I said, just try it!

Yamaha YEB/YBB-632 Neo Tuba (Eb or BBb)

The Beasts of the Band, and that could be the just the musicians playing these magnificent instruments! When you see first-hand just how much time, effort and high-grade materials and design have gone into producing these excellent tubas. You will fully appreciate why they cost similar to a small family car! yamaha tuba Rebuilt and recrafted to meet the demands of the discerning band musician. Yamaha's Neo Eb & BBb Tubas have been developed with innovative modifications. Enriching the tonal strength and overall projection of the instrument to a new level. The thicker wall material of the bell and the bottom bow gives a more full bodied and heavier sound. With more projection and power, the Neo Eb & BBb basses expand the possibilities for expression in performance, ideal for the band environment. “I was honored to be asked by Yamaha to help develop the new Neo BBb Bass. I was looking to create an unrivalled sound base, capable of holding together in all ranges and dynamics. The valve action is quiet and slick, allowing clear movement and definition. The lower register is of special quality. It is easy to produce, allowing maximum control and colour. This instrument exceeds all my expectations of a modern day BBb Bass.” - Simon Gresswell


We have a very close working relationship with Yamaha, and we can supply any of their instruments at a UK leading price. Yamaha have been world leaders in the production of musical instruments for many decades. They continuously liaise with professional musicians to design and build the highest quality instruments. Focusing on tonal response, sound production and ease of performance.