The ukulele, uke.. whatever you like to call it is a brilliant instrument for anyone! There’s a ukulele for any budget, four ukulele sizes and copious amounts of colours to choose from. You’ll be sure to find a ukulele for you. Ukuleles generally start from £19.99 and prices gradually increase from here, depending on the brand, strings and style. So, the four sizes I hear you ask…let me explain. ukulele sizes Soprano is the smallest of the Ukuleles and most commonly popular with children. It is the traditional ukulele at roughly 50 centimetres and creates the traditional ukulele sound. The next step up is the concert ukulele at 58 centimetres with a larger body, longer neck with more room between frets. This makes the ukulele easier to handle. The concert ukulele has the traditional ukulele sound, just slightly louder than the soprano. Following on, we have the tenor ukulele, sounding more like a classical guitar. Professional players tend to use this size of ukulele at 66 centimetres in length, it has a deeper sound. The largest of them all – the baritone ukulele! This has a much deeper tone and closest to a classical guitar, sized at 76cm in length. Enough of that, I hear you say?…lets choose a Ukulele!

Rocket Soprano Ukulele with a Bag

Price: £ Main features: Nato top, basswood back and sides and a sepetir neck with geared pegs. Great quality instrument for a low budget. Accessories: This ukulele is supplied with a bag, perfect for transporting your ukulele where ever you may go! Best suited for? Perfect for a budding ukulele player or a guitarist who fancies a change, this standard tuned Uke is ideal for getting involved with this trending instrument!

Mahalo Soprano Ukulele

Price: £ Main features: Underneath the colourful finish of this yellow uke you will find a durable body and neck that are made from high quality Sengon wood. This makes the 2511 models more durable and add a nice Hawaiian tone. Finally, there are Aquila Nylgut strings fitted that are some of the best available and produce a superb sound as well as keep in tune really well. Tuning is also improved by the gold-plated, dolphin machine heads you will find on the headstock of this Mahalo uke. Accessories: Supplied with a nylon carry bag Best suited for? Everything from its glossy finish to the sound and feel of it, makes the instrument a fantastic choice for beginners, seasoned ukulele enthusiasts and classrooms and orchestras.

Stagg Soprano Ukulele

Price: £ Main features: Constructed of a Basswood top, back, sides it provides a bright and clear tone. In a striking red finish, it will stand out whether as part of a Ukulele ensemble or a solo performance. Accessories: Supplied with a nylon gigbag Best suited for? The Stagg US-RED is the ideal Soprano Ukulele for a student. With high build quality, finish and sound, the US-RED is an ideal option for a great value price.

Yamaha 6 String Ukulele

Price: ££ Main features: It features a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, and measures just 45cm with a 17inch scale length and 18 frets. It feels just like a guitar, and is ideal for taking on holiday, to festivals, of for the younger player. This guitar in inexpensive yet plays just like a normal size guitar. The Yamaha GL1 has 6 nylon strings and can be tuned in the same way, yet its tone and size are the same as a ukulele. Accessories: Supplied with gigbag Best suited for? This uke is great for anyone at any level!

Stagg Electric Ukulele

Price: £££ Main features: The length of the instrument at 24 inches (612mm) is slightly bigger than a Soprano and Concert Ukulele but the scale of the neck is 14.8 inches (376mm) so is similar to a concert Ukulele. The Ukulele is fitted with a UK-2000 active preamp system and includes a slider-style 2 band EQ (bass and treble) plus volume controls on the top for convenient fingertip control. It is also fitted with an input for CD or MP3 player input plus mini jack headphone socket. This means you can play along to any practice tracks! Accessories: Fitted with a pre-amp system. Best suited for? Anyone who likes a fun instrument...(everyone..obviously!) Whichever ukulele you decide to choose, we know you'll be extremely happy with your purchase. You can view our full range here and if you need any help, call our team on 01283 535333 and we can answer any questions you may have.