Top 10 Musician Problems
There are many, many things that us musicians find irritating on a daily basis. Here are just a few of the problems that we face:

1. Carrying an instrument around in a massive case most of your life.

Because you were that kid whose parents insisted you played the double bass as “not many people play it”.

2. When you’re out of tune but just can’t sort it out…

But you go on stage anyway and hope no one in the audience/performing alongside you notices.

3. Having that one tune stuck in your head. On repeat. FOREVER.

You know, like the Mozart you’re currently learning at orchestra that keeps you awake at night.

4. Ridiculous key signatures that you’re meant to sight read like a professional…

Because all musicians are virtuosic superheroes…

5. Praying the audience doesn’t clap between movements at a concert.

And cringing when you realise that it was your friend/family member who started the clapping off.

6. Feeling AMAZING after a good practice session, then overhearing someone 10x better than you.

It just makes you either a) cry into your sheet music or b) promise to yourself that you will practice harder, which usually never happens.

7. Being stuck at a rehearsal with the worst stand in the room.

And spending all of the break trying to steal a functioning one off another player.

8. Having no money as you spend it all on instruments / accessories / sheet music.

And just not caring because YOU LOVE EVERYTHING MUSICAL EVER.

9. Constantly being asked to “play us a tune”.

Particularly when visiting grandparents/older relatives and they have told all of their friends about your “talents”.

10. Not having a favourite genre when asked.

Because music is simply amazing and why should you have to pick one small part of it to like?