Top 5 Keyboard Stands
You’ve bought your keyboard, fantastic! Now you need to choose a suitable stand to use alongside it! Getting the right stand is just as important as choosing the right keyboard. You want something which is strong and reliable enough to hold your instrument whilst you are rocking out. That’s why we stock a whole range of keyboard stands to make sure you can play safely and in style!

Rocket KXS01 Height Adjustable Stand

The Rocket Height Adjustable Stand is one of our most popular keyboard accessories, as it is capable of holding a wide variety of different models. It is very simple to set up and use, and just as a handy helping guide, we’ve put together a video of how to get the stand assembled! This is the stand that we mainly supply in the majority of our keyboard packages.

Rocket Double Braced KXS02 Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand

Looking for something a little bit more sturdy? Double braced keyboard stands offer that little bit more support and reliability that you ideally need in some heavier instruments. However, the strength of the stand doesn’t affect the portability, meaning it is still very easy to fold down and take to your lessons or concerts!

Rocket Extension for KXS Keyboard Stands

keyboard stand Very popular with musicians who perform live and use multiple keyboards at once, the Rocket Extension Kit allows you to add another instrument to your stand. Designed to be used with Rocket stands, this kit fits onto the back of the stand to allow you to fit another keyboard on top. Easy to assemble and fix onto stands, this is a must-have accessory for travelling musicians.

Stagg MXS-A1 Adjustable Mixer/Keyboard Stand

Certainly more of a sturdy, fixed platform for your high value keyboard, the Stagg MXS-A1 is perfect for the sound engineer or keyboard player. The legs are collapsible for travelling, and with a maximum weight of 50kg, it is suitable for the vast majority of more ‘heavy duty’ keyboards and digital pianos.

Yamaha Keyboard Stand

Yamaha keyboard stand The Yamaha Keyboard Stand has been manufactured to offer maximum safety and support to your keyboard. Even though it’s not height adjustable, it has 3 fixing points which can attach onto the majority of Yamaha keyboards. This makes it more ideal for permanent locations. Also it ultimately gets rid of the risk of the keyboard falling off!