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Updated December 2018 Classical Guitars ImageClassical guitars are ideal for beginners. The nylon strings on a classical guitar are much kinder to fingers than acoustic guitars and ensure you don’t get put off at the first hurdle. When choosing a guitar for beginners, I would recommend looking at a price range of between £40 and £60 (for a full size version) and up to £100 for a solid wood top.

My Top Picks

1 | Rocket XF Classical Guitars

Rocket XF Classical Guitars ImageThe Rocket XF Series is our most popular classical guitar. They are favoured within the Education Sector; with Schools and Music Services purchasing them for whole class tuition. The Rocket XF Series are robustly built, hold their tuning very well and most importantly are extremely durable. This, along with being well priced make the Rocket classical guitars great value for money. Not only that, but they come with a bag, capo and plectrum, giving you everything you need to start playing.

2 | Valencia Classical Guitars

Valencia Classical Guitars ImageSimilar to the Rocket Guitars, the Valencia Student Series is very popular within Education and has been a go to for many years; building itself an outstanding reputation. Recently the Valencia Series has had a bit of a makeover, with better quality woods being used (basswood top, back and sides, rather than laminated), giving it a nicer sounding tone. As a result, the finish on this guitar is very nice and the overall quality is perfect for a beginner. Due to the Rocket Guitar offering better value for money, the Valencia has been bumped to number 2 on the list, but that isn't to take anything away from the Valencia.

3 | Jose Ferrer Estudiante Classical Guitars

Jose Classical Guitars ImageThe Jose Ferrer range is another classical guitar that is popular within Education but, not as much as the Rocket or Valencia. They are great to play and have a nice action as well as a stunning look. They have been designed by guitar teachers specifically to meet the needs of students. I would say that these are a slight step up from the first two on the list and is ideally suited for both adults and children to begin learning.

4 | Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

Yamaha Classical Guitars ImageThe Yamaha C40 guitar is a great choice for an adult beginner or intermediate player. It has a very high standard of construction and design, with a spruce top (for a far superior tone). The price is more than the previous models, but that is due to the vastly improved specification of the guitar.

5 | Admira Alba Classical Guitars

Admira Alba Classical Guitars ImageThe Admira Alba is extremely well made and can compete with some of the more expensive models. It has a great tone that resonates from the guitar and is a great all-rounder. This classical guitar produces a brilliant Spanish sound that has to be heard to truly appreciate it. As a highly recognised beginner guitar, the Admira Alba is a great choice for a first time player. In conclusion, these guitars are in my top 5 because they all have something great to offer. To round up, I would say that if you are looking to buy for a child beginner; choose from 1,2 or 3 on the list. If you are an adult looking for a guitar built to last – choose 3 or 4.

3rd Avenue Classical Guitars

If you are on a budget or are purchsing with an unsure mindset of whether the guitar is the right chioce then the 3rd Avenue Classical Guitar is a great choice. This guitar is well made and has a good intonation as well as holding its tuning, offering a great value for money. They are available in a variety of sizes and colours, as well as coming in handy packs, giving you everything you need to start learning, which makes them ideal for children. 3rd Avenue 1/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack - Pink3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack - Redburst3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack - Natural3rd Avenue Full Size Classical Guitar Pack - Blueburst Follow us on Twitter via @NormansMusic and like us on Facebook to get all the latest news and updates from Normans.