Trombone Gig Bags

Why do I need a Trombone Gig Bag?

It can be said that all Musical Instruments need a lot of TLC. At least, they do if you want to ensure their performance, ability and consistency is of the highest standard. The fragile nature of a Trombone slide means that can be ruined by the slightest ding. And your day. Save the day with a Trombone Gig Bag! All new Trombone purchases come with a solid, hard and protective case. These are often made of hardwood (the older ‘coffin’ style!) or the more modern moulded hard plastic/resin design. These cases are a necessity if you are regularly transporting your Trombone. They have to withstand the pressure of other instruments on top of them, and probably the baggage handlers themselves! However, as time passes, your original case may become damaged and defective. You may be in a situation where a robust and expertly made Gig Bag will suffice to protect your beloved Trombone. On top of this they offer a much lighter and more comfortable passage of travel. trombone

Which Gig Bag is for me?

At Normans Musical Instruments we offer two brands of Trombone Gig Bag. At the budget end of our range is the creatively named Chord 173.405UK Trombone Gig Bag. A fraction over £38 it offers an affordable yet highly protective case for your Trombone. It is well made from heavy duty nylon, that is water resistant and easy-cleaning. This makes this Gig Bag your ideal partner when gigging and travelling. The bag is lightweight, durable and can offer a great level of protection for your instrument. You can carry it around using the carry handles or throw it over your shoulder with the shoulder strap that is included. There is even an accessory pocket for you to store extras... mouthpieces, slide oil... earplugs for performing with Bagpipes! trombone bag

Pièce de Résistance...

...not a Saint-Saëns Fortissimo section for Trombones with mutes in!

My recommendation for the finest deluxe and high-end professional Trombone Gig Bag on the market: The Tom & Will 26TB Padded Gig Bag. When you see this Gig Bag you will think it has been designed and built by Aston Martin! The attention to detail, the quality of materials and the professional finishing makes it the ‘go-to’ accessory in the world of Trombonists. Tom & Will manufacture the most popular bags in the UK and this 26 series model will ensure your Tenor Trombone is kept safe at all times. On the outside of the bag you will find an extremely strong, no-rip polyester that covers a dense, heavy-duty 25mm foam padding, while the interior boasts a soft, luxurious Velboa (yep…me neither,) lining that prevents any scratches to your instrument. A removable slide pouch with reinforced sides is also included. This prevents the slide from banging against the body of the Trombone. Wherever you go, this T&W Trombone Gig Bag will ensure you are comfortable all the way whether you choose to use the padded handle or the optional shoulder/back straps that can be fully adjusted and stored away in a breathable back compartment when not in use. Furthermore, this bag features two exterior pockets that are lined and padded for all of you accessories. Furthermore heavy duty, oversized zips that ensure they stay there! trombone When I started playing Trombone at school (many years ago!) my ‘coffin’ style case doubled up as a goal-post at break time, a table to rest on during rehearsal breaks and as extra storage for my packed lunch. I don’t condone or encourage such usage for your precious instrument, as these Gig Bags are expertly designed simply keep your Instrument safe, which they do to perfection... Mind you... I can still get my lunch in!