Can you imagine music without the mighty Trumpet?... Possibly the musicians sat in front of them would like to... Although Trombonists would rule eternal without competition so maybe not. What would John Williams do? Star Wars without trumpets would mean The Dark Side and The Force wouldn’t be with you: Superman wouldn’t fly: and E.T. would still be here! If you have already purchased, or about to purchase a Trumpet, it is important that you look after and care for it with the correct accessories. In this article, I will highlight the most suitable Trumpet Accessories available, ensuring your performance deserves, and sound a fanfare!


Starting with mouthpieces, the most important accessory. They affect the intonation, the articulation and the tone, so it is important that you have a good quality and suitable one. Many an hour has been spent (or lost?) with trumpeters discussing their mouthpiece choices. The depth, cup & rim size, bore shape, makes, models… and probably the top note you can hit with it! Here at Normans we have a range of mouthpieces in stock by Vincent Bach, Jupiter and the amazing value for money Sonata. We can also provide any Denis Wick mouthpiece that you require. If you are just starting to play the Trumpet - or even if you are experienced and need an inexpensive - there is none better than our Sonata Trumpet 7C Mouthpiece. At just over £10, these mouthpieces are manufactured to the highest standard using professional musical engineering techniques giving a brilliant tone. On top of this they boast a perfect silver plate finish. They are inspired by the Bach 7C and Denis Wick 4 mouthpieces. At the higher, professional range of mouthpiece, we stock the ever-popular Vincent Bach 351 range. Used by many trumpeters across the world, Vincent Bach continues to engineer mouthpieces to the highest specification and reliability, and we stock sizes from 1 1/4C to 7C.

(Tips to avoid muck-ups ⬇)

If you don’t have a safe and secure compartment in your trumpet case to store your mouthpiece, I strongly recommend a Sonata Mouthpiece Pouch. Very much cheaper than having dents removed from your beloved trumpet. Oh, and on the off-chance you get your mouthpiece stuck, don’t use boiling hot water. Please. This will either scold you or blister the lacquer: Or both! The best solution is to use one of our Bobcat Mouthpiece Extractors. With their well-engineered design and ease of use, you will get your mouthpiece out without pain or damage.trumpet mouthpiece


Now I know that the last thing on any trumpet players mind is actually stopping their sound from piercing the back row of any venue they are playing in! But the use of mutes is a necessity in all musical combinations, from Ellington to Elgar, Chicago to Shostakovich. We stock the full range of Denis Wick Mutes at very competitive prices. Straight, Cup, Plunger, Fiber, Extending Tube and Practice mutes all available. As the icing on the cake we also supply the highly sought after Yamaha Silent Brass mutes! These mutes allow you to practice so quietly you won't ever get another complaint from your neighbors. On top of this the Yamaha technology used gives you are far truer sound, unlike the distorted sound of a traditional practice mute. On top of this it offers minimal resistance, (when compared to a more traditional practice mute.) These factors make your playing experience as 'real life' as possible while keeping the volume down.trumpets

Oils, Grease & Care Kits

Q: What do you call a trumpet without valves? A: The Post Horn So, if your valves don’t function, neither will you! It is imperative that you keep your valves and tuning slides in tip-top working order. We sell a range of only highly recommended Valve Oil used by many trumpeters; Bach 1885 Valve Oil, Denis Wick 4930 Advanced Formula, Holton H3250 Electric Valve Oil, and for those on a budget who still want excellent quality, our very own Rocket Professional Valve Oil will not disappoint. I strongly recommend buying an ‘all-in-one’ care kit manufactured by Stagg, Rocket or Superslick to meet your maintenance needs. Containing different sized brushes for your mouthpiece and tubing, valve oil, tuning slide grease and polishing cloth, your Trumpet will feel very well cared for! Although, if there are just one or two pieces you need you can always buy brushes separately. trumpet care kit

Bags & Cases

All new Trumpet purchases come with a solid, hard and protective case, sometimes with a MDF construction or the more modern moulded hard plastic/resin design. These cases are a necessity if you are regularly transporting your trumpet in vans, aircraft baggage holds or coach luggage boots. However, as time passes, your original case may become damaged and defective. You may simply be in a situation where a robust and expertly made ‘Gig Bag’ will suffice to protect your ‘beloved’ Trumpet, while at the same time offering a much lighter and more comfortable passage of travel. At Normans Musical Instruments you will find affordable cases and Gig Bags from Sonata, Chord, Champion, Stagg and the ultimate in design and protection, the Tom & Will Gig Bags.trumpet case


Trumpet stands can make your performance better and safeguard your Trumpet. No matter how old or young, inexperienced or experienced you are, it doesn’t take much to heavy-handedly grab your instrument while attending to your music or mute, resulting in dropping or denting it.
trumpet instruments stand ... 'Storage' like this can only end in tears
The simple solution is to have a dedicated stand to safely rest your beloved instrument on, and you don’t have to spend much either. At around £15 we have the VERY popular Sonata Trumpet Stand as well as the Konig & Meyer Trumpet stands. For a few pounds more you can upgrade the outstanding Hercules range of Trumpet stands, including the Travelite model that saves space by being stored in your bell within your case, and the extremely robust and sturdy DS500 range.

Spare Parts

Trumpets are - in some ways - similar to cars. They need regular servicing every 6000 miles with oil changes and greasing! They need washing and polishing when dirty. The faster you go the more dangerous it is, and you can get in trouble! Looking at you Trombones. If you need any spares for your Trumpet, contact us, as we have a repair shop that stocks many spares. Items such as valve guards, valve springs, water key springs and stoppers are all available.Trumpet springs If you have any further questions regarding Trumpet accessories please don’t hesitate to contact the Normans Musical Instruments sales team.