When looking into affordable Ukuleles, it will be natural to come across two of the leading brands for budget options. When comparing 3rd Avenue and Rocket, there are a few things to consider.

3rd Avenue

The standard 3rd Avenue Soprano Ukulele is of a similar quality and price to Rocket. It comes with a gigbag for storage and protection, and is also available in the colours Natural, Black and Purple. Many schools will opt for a model such as this due to its great value for money and quality.


With Rocket Ukuleles, you are getting very good value for money for a Soprano Ukulele. They are available in Natural, Black, Blue, Red or Purple to provide a splash of colour to. With this, the Rocket Soprano Ukuleles come with a durable padded gigbag. As well as this, the range of colours allow for some uniqueness, or can adhere to a colour scheme.


When comparing the two brands, taking the advanced models out of the equation, the big differences are colour options and the gigbag. If you want a more durable gigbag for transportation or storage, then Rocket is the preferred option. Likewise, if you want more options for colour, Rocket wins again. Though, if you would be fine with a standard gigbag, 3rd Avenue has you covered. Or, if you aren’t as fussed about the colours, then the 3rd Avenue Ukuleles are a bit more affordable for a very similar quality. Take a look at our full range here.