Violin Vs Viola
People can often be confused between the violin and viola. Yes they look very similar and many people actually struggle to tell them apart. Similar in looks but differ in other ways. Both instruments are played the same; either with a bow- which you pull over the strings or by plucking the strings with your fingers.

The Violin

1615_1_ This violin is smaller than the viola. It is the highest pitched string instrument with four strings and most likely to be tuned in perfect fifths. The lowest string is G, below middle C and then ascends in the order D, A and E. Often played in music such as classical, folk and jazz. First known in Italy during the 16th Century; with modifications made later on.

The Viola

3129_1_The viola is bigger than the violin and has a lower and deeper sound. Its lowest note is a perfect 5th lower than the violin. It has the same A, D and G strings as the violin with a C string as well. Due to this it is often used for solo parts in an orchestra. Music written for the viola uses the alto clef which is rarely used. Due to its size violinist with shorter arms tend to use smaller-sized violas to make playing easier. As you can see the violin and viola are similar. They are played the same either using a bow or your fingers to pluck the strings; but the sounds produced will be different. With the viola making a much deeper sound than the violin. Thanks for reading. If you have any queries please contact the sales team via email: or call: 01283 535333