Virtual Concerts: Getting Together Virtually to Make Music | Guest Post
I guess virtual concerts are not so much new news anymore, but if you are learning an instrument remotely getting the chance even virtually is a worthwhile experience. Given technology is moving a pace it is worth knowing that online music schools such as Your Space Music Lessons can and do host concerts to bring their pupils together. Using everyday free software students can connect with each other using Google Hangouts on Air or Skype and suddenly materialise in a virtual space with other students. It’s exciting and fun see what other students are doing, whilst inside comparing and contrasting your own ability. still of group concert (002)The chance to perform what you have learned is an important step, it gives you something to work towards, the nervous feeling of performing in front of others and the subsequent relief, positive feedback and elation. Not only is it essential to give online learners this opportunity, it would be a valuable step to partner with local organisations to widen the scope of performance opportunities. A mix of online and offline learning and performing opportunities could demonstrate a ‘current’ common sense approach to include a wider more diverse group of people in music making. Acceptance of the potential and quality of online music tuition and performances is a long road but it is one that must be travelled. Think about social change and the technology breakthroughs in the past 20 years and you will see that change is constant, technology will improve, attitudes will change and we will all benefit from this progress.