Are you here to find the best beginner keyboard? Before I fill you in, remember the ‘Good Ole Days’, before the internet and intrusive reality TV shows on a Saturday night. Before delivered take-aways and mobile phones. When the family would all stand around the beautiful upright piano, just wishing someone could actually play it! The stained ivory keys, clonking pedals, and the consistently atonal temperament. Which all blended perfectly with Grandma’s excessive vibrato warbling of ‘old-time’ classics! Times change, and thankfully, so have home Keyboards and Pianos, making music easier and more satisfying than ever. Grandma and her lovely old piano are currently on tour with St. Paul and a few Angels as backing singers! But there has never been a better time to start playing a keyboard or piano, and revelling in the wonderful skill of performing great music. So, which keyboard would most suit a beginner?

Chopin for Children

It may be a whim, but I honestly think it is our duty to encourage all youngsters to play an instrument. And what better than a Keyboard with great sounds and accompaniment features. Without a doubt, our best value for money keyboards are our exclusive Axus range, as well as the ever-present offerings from the mighty Yamaha.


Axus AXP10 Portable Keyboard

The AXP10 keyboard is one of our most popular selling keyboards. It has 61 keys, 255 different voices (instrument sounds), 255 rhythms, 24 demo songs, box-style keys (solid and rectangular as opposed to tapered) and even comes with headphones. This is a brilliant all-rounder for home use and that initial learning and performing. 

Axus AXP2 Electronic Keyboard

The AXP2 is our first keyboard to offer the player, be it young or old, to fully improve their playing with touch sensitive keys. With all of the sounds and rhythmic features found on the AXP10, this step-up keyboard lets the performance have more emotion and feeling. Consisting of 61 expressive boxed keys and hundreds of sounds, rhythms and features, including a recording function for budding songwriters, this is brilliant! The touch sensitivity means that when you press the key, the volume is sensitive to your pressure. The harder you press it, the louder it is. Simple, but highly musical to aid your improvement and development. You can even plug in your phone/tablet/computer to play along with. Education Alert! PianoForte (the original name for the piano by its inventor Cristofori) translates simply as ‘soft-loud’, i.e. it can play loudly and softly. Just like the AXP2. 

Yamaha PSR-F52 Portable Keyboard

Yamaha Portable Keyboards have always been perfect for the younger player and this PSR-F52 offers you fantastic value for money with plenty of helpful features. The colour-coded design of the instrument makes it accessible and easy to use for everyone and it has great functions such as 120 voices, 114 rhythms and headphone connection for silent practice, which makes it popular with parents and teachers alike! A great-sounding offering from the wonderful Yamaha. 

Yamaha PSRE373 Portable Keyboard

Combining innovative learning functions with high-quality features, the Yamaha PSRE373 is an excellent and renowned choice for the beginner. With the iconic Yamaha Grand Piano Sound, plus another 573 voices and 165 rhythms, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to making music. The LCD display allows you to seamlessly move between beats, tones and accompaniments, and access the plethora of functions. The PSRE363 includes many of the features of the Axus range; lessons, recording, pre-set songs, dual layer/split functions, arpeggiator, 61 touch sensitive keys, and 2 x 2.5w speakers. 

Package Deals

All of our keyboards are available as an adaptable money-saving package deal. You can add keyboard stools, stands, headphones, or all 3 if you wish, at a discounted price.

Beginner Bargains

When buying your first keyboard, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Everyone has different priorities and demands they want from their instrument. It may be down to cost, it may be down to the number of keys you want. Do you need touch sensitive keys? Will you want to record your new ‘hit’ single? Do you want light up keys and teaching functions? Whatever you want and desire, we can meet your demands and wishes. Visit Normans Musical Instruments; This is just the start of an amazing relationship and musical adventure!