Which Yamaha Digital Piano is right for me?
Thinking about getting a Yamaha Digital Piano? Buying a musical instrument is a big moment in your life. It’s going to be the instrument which you practice and perform on. Ultimately it will be with you throughout your musical journey. The technology included in Yamaha Digital Piano's makes them the leading manufacturer that can offer a beautiful playing experience. On top of this they also boats a vast range of digital features to enhance your experience. In this blog, we will explore the different levels of Yamaha Digital Piano's. Each model has its own unique features, which will capture the sound and action much more precisely and accurately. Beginners through to advanced pianists always go to Yamaha. People know them for their years of experience and the reputation they have built up. We are confident you will be able to find the digital piano which will suit you perfectly. Although, if you want any assistance, feel free to get in touch.

Arius YDP143

We find that the YDP143 is a very popular choice for new musicians who are looking purely for a piano, and not looking to put a dent in the bank balance. The keyboard is housed in a beautiful wooden cabinet, giving it the feel and look that you would expect from a Yamaha instrument. The pure CF Sound Engine captures real sounds from the Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand, and ensures that the instrument feels and acts as an acoustic piano would. Arius - Yamaha Digital Piano


Stepping up from that, we enter the ‘Clavinova’ family. This is a brand which has changed the way people think and look at digital pianos, due to the much improved technology and sound behind each of the keys. This is the first digital piano which doesn’t just have one iconic piano voice, but two… The Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano & the Bosendorfer Imperial. This allows you to have the ultimate playing experience, and is an excellent model for any aspiring piano players to progress with.CLP625 - Yamaha Digital Piano


A flagship model in the Clavinova range, CLP645 is a revolutionary upgrade from its predecessors. This is perfect for any intermediate to professional pianists, due to it being the first digital piano in the series which features Natural Wood X (NWX) keys. As well as this, you get an immersive 2 way speaker system and Bluetooth connectivity. With this, you can play along with your favourite songs by pairing your smartphone to the piano!CLP645 - Yamaha Digital Piano


The highest, most advanced Clavinova there is. CLP685 gets rid of the gap between digital and acoustic pianos, and makes you truly forget you are playing an electronic instrument. Very popular with the advancing pianist, CLP685 upgrades the quality of keys to GrandTouch. With this amazing technology, each key has a slight different weight, perfectly mimicking the action of an acoustic piano. Built with the highest quality materials, the sound is able to resonate through the body thanks to the perfectly aligned and positioned speakers. This is the closest you will get to a true acoustic piano feel, all captured in a sleek, modern cabinet.CLP685 - Yamaha Digital Piano

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