Yamaha are focused on delivering the best possible playing and learning experience for new, aspiring musicians. With a range of starter keyboards on the market, the question is, which one should I buy?

Start with the basics | PSR-F52

yamaha-portable-keyboardBeing the first in the range, Yamaha’s PSR-F52 is a very popular model, mainly due to the affordable price. For any new player, it is nice and simple to use. The colour-coded design is quite unique to this model, making it very accessible for students of all ages. A highlight for parents of course, the headphone input allows you to practice into the night, without any worries of disturbing people.

Next one up | PSRE273

yamaha-portable-keyboardClimbing up the ladder, one of the next models we recommend is the PSRE273. In my opinion, this is the first Yamaha keyboard which has noticeable upgrades. One being the in-built Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S). Working alongside the 112 preset songs, the keyboard can teach you how to play, with 3 different lesson methods to choose from. Of course, being a step up from the PSR-F51, the quality of sound improves for a more enjoyable playing experience.

The flagship | PSRE373

yamaha-portable-keyboardHere’s one I point any aspiring player to straight away, the PSRE373. Quite a step up in price, but you do get more for your money. The most important feature; touch sensitive keys. Mimicking the response you get from an acoustic instrument, the pressure you hit the keys with affects the sound. (e.g. press harder = louder sound, press softer = quieter sound). This is a skill you should play with from the start. Again, the amount of voices and styles within the keyboard increases. You also get a 2 track, 5 song recording system, perfect for logging your weekly progress.

More visual | EZ300

yamaha-portable-keyboardSome learners like the idea of something you can look at, so here comes the EZ300. The only Yamaha keyboard to feature light up keys. Honestly, the features on this are the same as cheaper models. However, you are paying for the lighted keys, which do add a visual element to the learning experience. Some people like this, some don’t. It is still a great sounding keyboard, and is perfect for composing and arranging your own tunes!

Straight to the top | PSRE463

yamaha-portable-keyboardRegarded as ‘the father figure’ of the PSRE family, the PSRE463 has all the functions and gadgets you’d ever want in a beginner keyboard. Like always, it comes loaded with voices, styles, the Y.E.S lessons, recording etc etc… But that’s not all! You’ll find registration banks, 6 track recording and DJ controls! These can be assigned to a variety of different effects, so you can play around even more. The 6W + 6W amplification provides a pure, powerful tone which amazes players for the size of the unit. Definitely one that I’d recommend if it’s in your budget!