Why are the Drums the Best Instrument to Learn? | Normans Blog
To learn the drums, it can be loud and cumbersome, from a logistical perspective they’re a nightmare! But, that doesn’t stop them from being one of the most fun and rewarding instruments to play.

So why is it so popular?


Drums are important

The drums are the backbone of most music genres. Even in an age where samples make more of an appearance than a played kit. There is always place for a drummer. Some styles of music are characterised purely from their drumbeats. You can’t have funk without a drummer grooving on the hi-hat. Nor can you have most modern dance music without a powerful kick on each beat. Even in softer acoustic settings, while not a traditional kit, things such as Cajons are used. Great for good rhythm and keeping time.

There are health benefits

Playing the drums is probably one of the most active ways to play music. Naturally it will keep your heart-rate up and provide you with some cardio. It is also a very cathartic instrument. Playing any instrument is therapeutic, now imagine doing that while getting to hit stuff! A great way to relieve stress – just make sure you don’t break too many drumheads!

They’re fun

There have been countless times that I’ve played a show, and some stranger from the crowd has asked to play on the drumkit. Never happens to the keyboard player! Playing the drums is a fun experience, whether you’re new to it or well versed in the instrument. There is a bit of coordination work at first. But, once your timing locks in with your playing you’ll be fine!
Of course, drums are noisy to learn, and take up a lot of space. But if you’re passionate about playing then there is no other option! You will also have to get used to every musician you know asking if you can join their band! Drummers are a scarce commodity.