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Yamaha Keyboards for Schools are renowned across the country for providing an engaging and simple way of learning how to play. With a range of different models available, there is a keyboard out there for every school. Why not provide the best experience in music lessons? keyboards for schools

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Primary School Options

Learning a new instrument at primary school is very beneficial. The student can take your lessons with them whilst progressing through the school years. A very popular keyboard we find is the YPT260. One of the cheaper, more affordable models, this has a range of enticing features which are designed to engage and inspire children. Due to them being designed for amateur players, they are very simple to operate. They are also highly engaging as they have a range of instrument voices/styles to play with. Explore different genres of music, from rock and roll to swing and jazz! We are confident that students will take full advantage of having such excellent instruments at their fingertips! Yamaha Keyboards for School - YPT 260 Alternatively, the PSR-F51 is also a good option. Slightly more affordable for schools on a tighter budget, this keyboard is the first in the PSR range. It is designed for introducing new musicians to a keyboard, and has 61 notes to give a first insight into the world of music. We understand that music lessons can be noisy and so, with the handy headphone input, you can practice silently. Keyboards for Schools - F51

Secondary School Options

I would suggest something a little bit more advanced for the older student. The PSRE463 would be a perfect choice, as one of the most noticeable improvements is the ‘touch sensitive’ keys. This is a skill that can be a little bit more challenging to master, and so is why Yamaha have invested so many years into making keyboards of this level. Alongside that, you get a much wider selection of accompaniment styles and instrument voices to sample, as well as specialist recording setting to monitor your progress. These can be easily connected to computers for additional recording/editing, thanks to the multiple different inputs on the back of the unit. Keyboards for Schools Some music lessons focus more on piano style playing than keyboards and all the different functions they hold. If this is the case, something more like the NP32 may be more suitable for the classroom. This is a 76-note keyboard, in which the keys hold a very slight weight to them. Very lightweight, they focus more on providing a realistic piano experience. These are perfect for composing and practicing: They have the capability of connecting to an external amplifier if you are needing to play in front of your class etc. Slightly more aimed towards older students as they have a lot less functions. Yet this is a fair trade off for the more professional sound and feel. Keyboards for Schools - np range