Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 & NP-32
The essence of a Piano in a slim body. The Yamaha Piaggero is a new brand of electronic piano. Combining piano with the Italian word leggero, (meaning light,) the name Piaggero - quite correctly - evokes the image of a slim, lightweight piano.

Piaggero - the digital keyboard with pure Yamaha Piano tone.

The compact, elegant silhouette of the Piaggero NP-12 (61 note) and NP-32 (76 note) is certain to catch your eye and make a lasting impression. Featuring a simple, practical design with only a few buttons, this space-saving stylish instrument can be played right out of the box. Choose from a black or white finish to suit your taste and playing environment.

Sound sampled from one of Yamaha's finest grand pianos.

From the very first note, the Piaggero will amaze you with its compact size and high-quality sound. This range features a rich piano sound, sampled from one of Yamaha’s finest concert grands. When combined together with a selection of ten other high-quality instrument voices that are great fun to play, you the freedom to experiment with the sounds. You can mix and match these voices with Layer/Split functions and add depth to your sound via 4 types of hall reverbs for unprecedented richness.

Play where you want to play.

With the Yamaha Piaggero you can practice and play more. It is light enough to be carried in one hand so highly transportable. Furthermore it can operate on batteries so you can take it virtually anywhere you want!

Connect to your iOS device.

Yamaha offers a wide range of Apps for use with the Piaggero NP-12 & NP-32. These include the Digital Piano Controller, Metronome and NoteStar. You can connect your iOS device to the USB to host terminal on your Piaggero or use the optional Yamaha UD-BT01 wireless adaptor.

Record and playback your performance.

The record button gives you easy, one-touch recording of your performance; great for practice and performance analysis. A great and useful tool to help you improve your performances and let others hear just how good you, and the Piano are! yamaha

NP-12 Specifications.

  • AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) Stereo Sampling
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 10 Voices
  • 61 box style keys
  • Dual Voice Mode
  • USB to host
  • 1 track recording
  • 2.5w x 2 Amplifiers
  • (12cm x 6cm) x 2 Speakers
  • Battery Option
  • Compatible with Digital Piano Controller iOS app

NP-32 Specifications.

The main improvements and important enhancements that the Yamaha NP-32 has over the NP-12 are:
  • 76 graded soft touch keys. (Each key is individually weighted. Heavier on the lower notes, graded evenly lighter up to the higher pitches, giving you the same feel and playability as a traditional Piano.)
  • 2 x 6w Amplifiers giving a more full, and powerful sound projection.
Included accessories that come with your Yamaha Piaggero are a dedicated Music stand, PA-150 power supply, online member product registration and an owner’s manual. Optional accessories, that I consider necessities in most situations, are the L-2C Stand, and a suitable Yamaha damper/sustain pedal, such as the FC3A, FC4A or FC5A.

If you are looking for a lightweight, affordable,quality Digital Piano, the Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 or NP-32 is an excellent choice. Expertly manufactured to the highest of standards, incorporating decades of Yamaha’s musical experience, you will not be disappointed.