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51382_12_1 Earlier this year, Yamaha re-launched some of their most popular keyboards in the Piaggero range - NP11 and NP31. These instruments have returned as NP12 and NP32 and now have even better features than before, accompanied by new colour options. As you would expect, the new models have been just as popular with our customers and have received some great feedback. I'm going to highlight the key features and differences in these awesome new Yamaha instruments, but if you do have any questions or need some advice, please feel free to contact us! 


  • You will find that the keyboards on Yamaha NP12 and NP32 have remained the same, still offering you a fantastic feel and response, however, they do now have a 64 note polyphony instead of 32 note, which prevents any muted notes from occurring.
  • Both instruments feature a piano-style, touch sensitive keyboard which is perfect for achieving the right expression and emotion in your musical piece.
  • The main difference is that the NP12 has 61 notes, whereas the NP32 features a 76 note keyboard and it is also Graded Soft Touch, adding a bit more weight to the keys.
  • This could be great for a player looking for something that straddles the gap between a digital piano and a keyboard and the bigger range of the NP32 will give you plenty of space to play almost any piece of music. 


  • As always, you will not be disappointed in sound when it comes to a Yamaha instrument!
  • Both NP12 and NP32 feature piano sounds sampled from one of the finest Yamaha concert grand pianos providing you with a multi-dimensional, rich and expressive tone.
  • Thanks to the high quality sound, these instruments are very enjoyable to play and are suitable for musicians of all levels.
  • The sound is complemented by two 2.5 Watt speakers on the NP12 and two 5 Watt speakers on the NP32.

Controls and functions

  • The control panel on the new Piaggero series keyboards is very simple and minimal without any unnecessary 'bells and whistles'.
  • Controls are very easy to use and allow you to access 10 on-board sounds including pianos, electric pianos, organs, strings, vibes and harpsichords.
  • You can further enhance the sounds with 4 types of reverb and mix them up with dual or layer effects. There are 10 demo songs and 10 piano songs and you can also capture your own ideas and performances quickly using the 1-track, 1-song recorder.
  • Additional functions include metronome, which will help you improve your sense of rhythm and there is a tuning, transpose and tempo option too. 


  • One of the most prominent changes to the Yamaha NP12 and NP32 is the USB connectivity. This will certainly be good news for those of you who'd like a keyboard that doubles as a MIDI instrument and if you are looking to take advantage of the wide range of Yamaha apps that are available to download for free.
  • With the improved NP12 and NP32 models, you can hook the keyboard up to your iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) and enjoy the apps including NoteStar, Visual Performer and many more that are designed to improve your user experience and open new creative possibilities.
  • In addition to the USB, you will find a 1/4 inch jack connection for headphones or amplification, a pedal input and an adaptor connection, however, these keyboards can also run on batteries so you can play wherever you are! D5B76BF856694CE2988DAFB11B26030C_12074 In summary, the new Yamaha Piaggero keyboards will be the perfect choice for every pianist looking for a lightweight, portable instrument that can be easily taken with you on the road or stored away. They are perfect for learning, offer a really nice sound and touch and have plenty of functions to get creative with. The instruments are available in black or white, they are supplied with music rest and adaptor and you can also get them as part of a package with stand, stool and headphones on our website. For more detailed spec or to purchase the keyboards, please click on the links below:

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