A-Star Sound Tubes 8-Note C Major Diatonic Set

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The A-Star Sound Tubes are vibrant, tuned percussion tubes that resonate when struck against any hard, flat surface. Extremely fun and simple to use, the Sound Tubes are perfect for playing melodies and creating musical games. Group play with the tubes is an excellent way to foster teamwork and learn ensemble skills while having a great time, making them a favourite in educational settings.
The set includes eight notes from C to c on the C Major diatonic scale (corresponding to the white keys on a piano). For the loudest sound, strike the floor with the entire length of the tube. Experimenting with dynamics and timbre is easy and fun by altering the surface against which the tubes are struck and the force used. Plus, they're nearly indestructible!
Colour-coded for each pitch with notes clearly visible on each tube, the colours follow the coloured system used across other A-Star instruments.

Features / Specification:

  • Set includes 8 sound tubes - C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and High C
  • Note range C40 to C52
  • Brightly coloured tuned percussion tubes
  • Play them on a hard surface, whack together or play with beaters
  • Extremely easy to play and great fun
  • Perfect for the classroom - durable, lightweight and easy to clean

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