A-Star Descant Plastic Recorder

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Color: Blue
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Perfect for young students in school or at home to take their first steps, playing and learning music, a fun, bright blue plastic, descant recorder. The recorder is very popular within music education, as it is a great introduction to playing more sophisticated woodwind instruments. It teaches you how to develop your embouchure, as well as giving you a simple fingering technique to start learning and playing different notes and songs. With this great low price, they are perfect for those large classroom groups but also as a gift for your children!

A cleaning rod and bag is included alongside the recorder, meaning you can keep it clean and dirt-free after every use. They are very easy to play, making them the ideal choice for anyone who has no previous experience in music.

Features / Specification:
  • Fun, Vibrant Colours
  • Three Piece Construction
  • ABS resin
  • Baroque Finger System
  • Baroque System Recorder
  • Includes 1x Cleaning Rod
  • Includes 1x Protective Bag
  • Available in a range of colours

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