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A-Star 8 inch Painted Djembe

A-Star 8 inch Painted Djembe

Product code: BDJ850
Price: £59.99 (GBP)
(£49.99 ex VAT)
Now more popular than ever, this is a high quality and excellent value 8-inch djembe, designed specially for students and use in education, as well as amateur ensembles. The A-Star Djembe’s are hand made using high quality solid wood and feature natural heads and rope tuning, each with an individual painted design.
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A-Star 8 Inch Painted Djembe

Welcome to the world of African Drumming and the most popular 8 inch A-Star Djembe (pronounced jem-bay).  These superb hand-crafted drums easily allow percussionists of all ages to perform the various sounds and tones expected by striking different parts of the djembe drum skin with the drummer’s hands and fingers; tone, slap and bass techniques. They are ideally sized for teaching the basics and intricacies of rhythm, metre, call & response and improvisation.

The djembe is one of the world’s most popular drums that is now a mainstay within schools and education, promoting the sounds and cultural diversity of African and world music. These beautiful A-Star Djembes are traditionally hand made using high quality solid wood and feature natural goatskin heads and rope tuning. They are individually decorated with colourful patterned beading in African inspired designs, and so each is unique. 

Now more popular than ever within the music syllabus and percussion ensembles, this high quality and excellent value djembe, designed specially for students and use in education, is available in a range of sizes, from the 3 inch model, up to the master-drummer imposing 10 inch drum. 

  • Dimensions: 8" djembe head - 50cm tall
  • High quality and excellent value djembe
  • Designed specifically for students and use in education projects
  • Hand made using high quality solid wood
  • Feature natural heads and rope tuning
  • Beautifully decorated with colourful patterned beading
  • Designs may vary 


Did You Know?

There are many sounds and tones that can be produced by the djembe:
The "bass" sound which is relatively low pitched is made by striking the djembe drum skin right in the middle
Whereas the tone is produced by striking the edge of the drum skin using the wrist or bottom of the palm to create a medium pitched sound.
The slap which is known to give off the most high pitched sound is said to be the most difficult sound to produce on the djembie. The slap is achieved by the drummer striking the drum usually nearer the edge - there are many types of slap and playing methods vary around the globe.

Natural skin heads

Striking the djembe head in different ways produces a variety of different sounds, from deep bass to sharp slaps.


Hand painted

Each djembe is beautifully hand painted in a colourful design, this means every djembe is unique.


Rope tuning

All A-Star djembes feature high quality rope tuning, ensuring you get the brightest sounds whilst playing.

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