3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Electric Guitar

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This high-quality starter guitar from the 3rd Avenue Series features the classic 'ST' style body that many people associate with the electric guitar. It may be a guitar that is great value for money and designed for novices, but that doesn't mean that 3rd Avenue have compromised on the quality. This guitar is 3/4 sized to suit younger learners between the ages of 8 and 12 years old.

The guitar features a beautiful redwood fret board with white fret markers and a high-quality comfortable maple neck. The guitar has 22 frets which is perfect for reaching the highest notes you should need.

The tone of the guitar is versatile and pleasing, with two single coil pickups you can choose between a bright tone, a warm tone or somewhere in the middle. You are in complete control of the sound you produce with the tone and volume controls as well as the whammy bar, which can provide interesting vibrato effects.

The package comes complete with a capo, plectrum, strap and bag, so all you need is an amplifier!

Features and Specification

  • Classic ST guitar
  • 3/4 size - perfect for ages 8-12
  • Features a redwood fingerboard and maple neck
  • 2 single coil pickups
  • Volume and tone
  • Whammy for added effect
  • Complete with a capo, strap, plectrum and bag

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