A-Star 10 inch Ocean Wave Drum

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Experience the soothing sounds of the sea with the A-Star 10 inch Ocean Wave Drum. This compact and beautifully designed percussion instrument is perfect for musicians and educators looking to introduce the calming effects of wave-like sounds into their sessions.

The Ocean Wave Drum features a 10-inch frame that is easy to hold and play, making it ideal for young learners. Inside, small beads roll over the textured drumhead, mimicking the gentle swishing sound of ocean waves when tilted or shaken gently. This natural, relaxing sound is perfect for music therapy sessions, calming young students or adding a unique auditory layer to musical performances.

The drum is constructed with a robust, clear synthetic head on one side and a textured canvas on the other, allowing players to view the beads as they create the ocean effect, enhancing the sensory experience. Its sturdy build ensures durability while maintaining excellent sound quality.


  • 10 inch ocean drum
  • Decorated with an under the sea theme
  • Roll the drum beads to hear the sound of the ocean
  • Transparent skin allow you to see how it works
  • Can also be played with a beater (not included)

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