A-Star 22 inch Gathering Drum with Beaters

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The A-Star 22 inch Gathering Drum delivers a rich, resonant sound and is great fun for all players. Ideal for music education, whether in school classrooms, local music centres or therapy settings, the gathering drum is a versatile and effective resource for introducing rhythm and timing to learners of all abilities.

This drum, featuring a 22-inch diameter, offers a substantial playing surface that allows multiple children to explore and create music together. It is perfect for group activities and collaborative learning experiences.

The drum is adorned with a vibrant, eye-catching pattern that captivates and draws in young learners, making it a fun and exciting addition to any music session. Its size ensures that it produces a deep, resonant sound that can fill a classroom, providing a satisfying auditory feedback to budding musicians.

Included with the drum are two soft beaters, which are perfect for young hands to hold and use comfortably. These beaters help produce a variety of sounds from the drum without requiring excessive force, making it accessible for children of all skill levels. Additionally, the drum can also be played using hands, allowing for an even more tactile and engaging musical experience.


  • 22-inch gathering drum
  • Ready to play pre-tuned synthetic head
  • Always in tune and fun to play
  • Fantastic introduction to rhythmic music making
  • Supplied with a pair of beaters

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