Denis Wick 5880 5BL Trombone Mouthpiece

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Denis WickSKU: 5880-5BL

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Medium Backbore

This 5BL mouthpiece has a cup diameter of 25.73 mm, a medium backbore and a 6.64 rim-width. It also has a bore of 7mm and a large shank.

Brilliant High Register

This mouthpiece was designed to complement the Bach 42 trombone, with extra brilliant high register and great flexibility.


  • Model Number: 5BL
  • Full Diameter: 39.00 mm
  • Cup Diameter: 25.73 mm
  • Rim Width: 6.64 mm
  • Bore: 6.87 mm
  • Backbore: Medium
  • Large Shank
  • Finish: Silver Plated

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