Izzo Junior 10 Player Samba Set


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The Izzo Junior Series are built using thinner aluminium making them lighter and cheaper - perfect for younger players. An ingenious ridged design makes them just as strong (and loud!) as the standard range, meaning they'll easily survive the everyday perils of the classroom. 

  • Authentic Brazilian instruments manufactured in Sao Paolo factory
  • High-quality starter pack featuring ingenious ribbed drum shell designs
  • Lightweight construction is ideal for younger players


  • Lightweight surdos with beaters - 14" & 16"
  • Repinique with stick - 10"
  • Tamborims with double prong samba sticks x2
  • Double agogo bells with wooden beaters x4
  • Samba whistle with cord x1
  • Drum nylon straps x3 (strap for each large drum)
  • The Beatlife Book - Playing and Teaching Samba, book & CD x1

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