MEINL Percussion 12" Aluminum Doumbek Soprano - Hand Engraved - Black

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For all the drummers seeking higher-pitched sounds, we've got something special for you - the MEINL Soprano Doumbeks! These drums are designed to be narrower and shorter than the regular versions, creating a perfect balance for achieving those bright, crisp tones you've been craving.

Despite their smaller size, the MEINL Soprano Doumbeks retain the same articulate and wide range of frequencies, just like their regular counterparts. From the high notes that sing out beautifully to the rich lows that add depth to your rhythms, you'll experience the full spectrum of captivating sounds in these soprano Doumbeks.

These instruments are perfect for adding an exciting new dimension to your music. So, if you're ready to explore higher-pitched brilliance without sacrificing the range of frequencies you love, the MEINL Soprano Doumbeks are here to elevate your percussion game to a whole new level!


  • Size: 15cm x 30cm
  • Material: Synthetic head
  • Main body material: Aluminium


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