Montreux Student Curved Head Flute

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This curved head flute is perfect for the smaller player. With a 'normal' flute, the posture required makes learning for a younger/smaller player uncomfortable or impossible. However, the ingenious curved head enables smaller musicians to play comfortably with the correct posture. Once the player is big enough, the curved head can be interchanged with the straight head included in the outfit, transforming the instrument into a full-size flute, taking the player through to the next stage of their development.

Both heads can be stored and transported within the lightweight carry case provided, which is great for carrying to and from school. The soft, moulded interior is great for protecting your flute from damage and the soft material will save your flute from being scratched. Featuring a cleaning cloth and cleaning rod, your flute will always be looking in pristine condition.

This flute is one of the best student flutes on the market and is popular with schools due to its reliability, easy playability, quality keys, pads and construction. Recommended by many flute teachers, Montreux flutes are great for any young player. In a school environment, you do not need to worry about each individual reach of the players.


  • Offset G, E mechanism
  • Great quality Student Curved Head Flute. Perfect for smaller beginners
  • The curved head enables smaller players to learn without straining and with correct posture
  • Comes with an additional straight (traditional) head joint which can be used with the flute once the student is big enough
  • One of the best student instruments on the market, recommended by teachers
  • Easy response and good tone make this instrument easy to play. Popular with schools due to the quality and strength of pads and keywork
  • Silver-plated body, keys, curved head and straight head

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